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Lightbulb Textfilsbearbetning (Textfileprocessing) a translation to english

Textfilsbearbetning ver

A translation of the programs functions to english.

You can download the program here.


Asks you if you want to install the program. Press the 'Ja' ( = Yes) button.

Tells you that you should close down all other programs during the installation phase. Press the 'Nästa>' ( = Next) button.

Fill in your userinformation. The first field 'Namn:' ( = Name) is required. Organisation = Organisation. Press the 'Nästa>' ( = Next) button.

This is the location on your hard disk where the program will be installed. Bläddra = Browse.

Press the 'Nästa>' ( = Next) button.

This is the components of the program that you want to install. Fullständig installation = Full installation. This is what you should select.

Programfiler = Program files
Hjälpfiler = Help files
Exempelfiler = Example files

Press the 'Nästa>' ( = Next) button.

The shortcuts of the program will be placed in this location.

Välj programkatalog på Start-menyn = Select program catalog on start meny
Programmets genvägar kommer att placeras i följande katalog = The programs shortcuts will be placed in the following catalog
Välj katalog och konfirmera med Nästa = Select the catalog and confirm with Next
Bläddra = Browse

Press the 'Nästa>' ( = Next) button.

Additional options you can select during the installation.

Programgenvägar = Program shortcuts
Skapa ikon i underkatalog på Programmenyn = Create icon in subfolder on program menu
Skapa ikon i Programmenyn = Create icon in program menu

Press the 'Nästa>' ( = Next) button.

Ready for the installation. Press the 'Installera' ( = Installation) button.

Installation is running.

Installation done.

Starta Textfilsbearbetning direkt = Start the program now

Press the 'Slutför' ( = Done) button.

Welcome screen.

Press the 'Starta' ( = Launch/start) button.

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Program windows

The first screen you will see when you start the program.


Arkiv = File
Redigera = Edit
Bearbeta = Process
Hjälp = Help

Filer = Files

Söker efter filer = Search for files
Ange filer manuellt = Set files manually

Katalog = Folder
Bläddra... = Browse...
Filnamn = File name
Filtillägg = File extension
Inkludera dolda filer = Include hidden files
Inkludera systemfiler = Include system files
Filstorlek = File size
Godtycklig = arbitrary

Åtgärdssubrutin = measure subroutine

Status = Status

Redo för bearbetning = Ready for processing

Select the option 'Ange filer manuellt' ( = Set files manually) and the program window will change into this one:

Press the 'Lägg till...' ( = Add) button to add the file you want to be translated.

Ta bort = Delete

Ange fil(er) att bearbeta: = Select file(s) to be processed.

In this window you should select the file you want to be translated. You can use the 'Bläddra...' ( = Browse) button to search for the file(s).

Press the browse button.

Brose to the location where your file is located.

Öppna = Open
Avbryt = Cancel
Alla filtyper = All file types

Press the open button.

If this is the right file - then press 'OK'.

The selected file is now showed.

We are now going to load the script file that contains the translation. This scriptfile must have the file extension .SUB.

Press Ctrl + O (O as in Open).

Den aktuella subrutinen kommer att raderas. Vill du fortsätta? = The actual subroutine will be deleted. Do you want to continue?

The one you have loaded into the program window will be deleted. (Not physically). As we don't have any one loaded yet - press the 'Ja' ( = Yes) button.

Ja = Yes
Nej = No
Avbryt = Cancel

Select the subroutine you want to load.

Öppna = Open
Avbryt = Cancel

The selected subroutine is now loaded.

Status window is showing - Redo för bearbetning = Ready for processing.

Now press the F9 key to perform the translation.

This window will show up after some seconds. It is the result screen. Just press the button 'Spara alla ändringar' ( = Save all changes).

Antal filer bearbetade = Numbers of files processed
Ta bort alla ändringar = Undo all changes

You are now back to the main program window.

Redo för bearbetning = Ready for processing
Bearbetar filen "psl2_plugin.tcl"... = Processing file "psl2_plugin_tcl"...
Bearbetning slutförd i fil. = Processing done in file.
Bearbetning slutförd = Processing done

You can now close down the program and the original english input file psl2_plugin_tcl is now translated into your language and can now be copied to the plugins folder for usage.

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The .SUB file

The .SUB file is just an ordinary plain textfile. You can rename the extension to .TXT during the editing or just associated the .SUB extension to a texteditor such as Notepad.

You can download the master.sub file here:

There are three commands for every textstring that needs to be translated.

  • SetSearchStr

    What the program should look for in the original to find.

  • SetReplaceStr

    What the found textstring should be replaced with.

  • ReplaceAll

    That all found textstrings shall be replaced.
There is also the option to have remark rows in the code. All of those rows starts with //

//		###############################################
//		# Pre-processing mode only: Generate PSL file #
//		###############################################
That tells the program to ignore those rows. So those rows needs not to be translated.

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Some advices:

SetSearchStr"Found $numpgcs other protected PGC$pluriel:\n$pgcstext\n"
SetReplaceStr"Hittade $numpgcs andra skyddade PGC$pluriel:\n$pgcstext\n"
Variables starting with $ is not to be translated.

\n = carriage return (new row). You can insert more of those and then write new text after the new inserted ones if you need to use more rows in the textboxes.

SetSearchStr"Clean cell commands" -icon info -message \
SetReplaceStr"Städa cellkommondon" -icon info -message \
Only the text inside the "" signs should be translated.

SetSearchStr"PSL2 (ARccOS) plugin for PgcEdit 0.6.0 or more.\nTo be used with DVD Decrypter\nVersion $:lugins:sl2::version, by The Mad Monk\nEnjoy!"
SetReplaceStr"PSL2 (ARccOS) plugin för PgcEdit 0.6.0 eller högre.\nAtt användas tillsammans med DVD Decrypter\nVersion $:lugins:sl2::version, av The Mad Monk (Den Galne Munken)\n\nLycka Till!\n\nSvensk översättning av Cynthia"
In the last part of the translated row you can insert your name as translator. (Svensk översättning av Cynthia = Swedish translation by Cynthia).
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