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Swabo 1 Jul 2002 11:55 PM

DivX Encode with integrated editing possible?
What are some opinions on the best way to do DivX encoding WITH EDITING?

I have played around with Gordion Knot and Auto Divx some, and it seems all the tools are assuming you start with a d2v file created from a DVD rip. However, I have some TV captures in MPEG2 with commercials I want to edit out, and also some home movie footage from which I would like to cut small pieces. These tools however, do not allow for selecting ranges for encode.

I realize I could use an mpeg cutter on the source files first, but that in involves reencoding around the cut points, and I would like to mess with these files as little as possible.

So I guess what I need is an encoding method that will encode from the source file in segments, say for example frame 10 -100 and frame 250 500 etc etc . Then take ths range selection and calculate for the appropriate target file size and then encode.

Any suggestions?

benderman 2 Jul 2002 12:33 AM

Open in nandub/Virtualdub via DVD2AVI+VFAPI.

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