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Default dvd to divx with mp3 audio

ok i dont know if this is the best way but i find this works for me, and seems easier than the other guides.

1) strip dvd
2) in dvdtoavi set audio to track1 downmix to dolby pro dynamic range normal.
3) save project file
4) gk open .d2v
5) set res and save .avs
6) virtual dub set audio to full processing mode lame 48khz 128kbps load downmixed wav video fast recompress compression real magic bit rate according to gk
7) save avi

i there anyway to improve this or is this ok?
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Why don't you just let GK load up the programs automatically instead of you having to manually do it? It's less prone to user error as well. As for the audio, I have always preferred separately extracting the audio.

The revised plan would look like:
1. Rip DVD using a ripper (smartripper or DVD Decryptor)
2. Prepare the audio track, which goes like:
-. Rip audio to WAV using Graphedit/Vob2audio
-. If you wish, you can amplify the volume of the audio using an audio editor, such as Cooledit
-. Convert the WAV to MP3 using an mp3 encoder, such as LAME
-. Mux the MP3, with the video you have created, using nandub
3. Create a DVD2AVI project (D2V) file
4. Load up D2V and MP3 files into GordianKnot and prepare all desired settings (ie. codec used, resolution, bitrate, etc.)
5. Tell GK to start encoding (both passes, preferrably)
6. Wait for it to finish (by next morning perhaps? )
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