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Unhappy ERROR in Encoding with DVDtoOgm..HELP plz

hey hey hey

Hi my name is San

And today is my first time using your product.
I've been working on converting to ogm's for 6 hours straight and found your method easy to use.

Yet at the last part (why me ......) It encoded the audios just fine but when it came to finishing the actual ogm file, VirtualDubMod keeps bringing an Error message: "Cannot open file "[freak]Hellsing_eps1......"
I tried 6 times 4 different ways yet its the same thing.
Please tell me if I'm missing a step or a program or what !!??
Plz all that time and I still got no finish product..HELP!?

Here is part of the log:
VirtualDub.Open("D:\\Rips\\HELLSING\\Final Movie\\[freak]Hellsing_eps1_The_Undead_Movie.avi",0,0);
VirtualDub.RemoveInputStreams();[0].SetSource("D:\\Rips\\HELLSING\\Audiofiles\\[freak]Hellsing_eps1_The_Undead AC3 T01 2_0ch 256Kbps DELAY -66ms.ogg",0x00000204);[0].SetMode(0);[0].SetInterleave(1,500,1,0,0);[0].SetClipMode(1,1);[0].SetConversion(0,0,0,0,0);[0].SetVolume();[0].SetCompression();[0].EnableFilterGraph(0);[0].filters.Clear();[1].SetSource("D:\\Rips\\HELLSING\\Audiofiles\\[freak]Hellsing_eps1_The_Undead AC3 T02 2_0ch 224Kbps DELAY -66ms.ogg",0x00000204);[1].SetMode(0);[1].SetInterleave(1,500,1,0,0);[1].SetClipMode(1,1);[1].SetConversion(0,0,0,0,0);[1].SetVolume();[1].SetCompression();[1].EnableFilterGraph(0);[1].filters.Clear();[2].SetSource("D:\\Rips\\HELLSING\\Subtitles\\[freak]",0x00000301);[2].AddComment(0x00010000,"","English");[2].SetMode(0);[2].SetInterleave(1,500,1,0,0);[2].SetClipMode(1,1);[2].SetConversion(0,0,0,0,0);[2].SetVolume();[2].SetCompression();[2].EnableFilterGraph(0);[2].filters.Clear();,24);;,1);,0,-1,0);,0);;;
VirtualDub.SaveOGM("D:\\Rips\\HELLSING\\Final Movie\\[freak]Hellsing_eps1_The_Undead.ogm");

// $endjob
// $done

[11:54:11 PM]: Start Muxing Audio, Video & Ogm Inputs
[11:54:12 PM]: ERROR: VirtualDubMod found this Error: "Cannot open file "[freak]Hellsing_eps1_The_Undead_Movie.avi": The system cannot find the file specified."
[11:54:12 PM]: Finished Muxing Audio, Video & Ogm Inputs

[11:54:12 PM]: ERROR: Can't find "D:\Rips\HELLSING\Final Movie\[freak]Hellsing_eps1_The_Undead.ogm"! Not deleting intermediate Files!

[11:54:12 PM]: Main Directory cleaned up!

Job Finished - End of Log-File

Thanks for the help and great Site

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