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Bulldozer 18 Nov 2002 10:43 AM

Final .avi's size??? It doesn't match....
Hi there!!

Probably, this is a newbie question, but since i never found any reference to it in the Gordian Knot guides, i hope someone is able to clarify me here...

Actually, i'm using the whole pack of Gordian Knot (with DivX5) to make my DivX movies...i must confess i didn't make many until today...but in those few i made i had problems with 2 of them, related to the final .avi's size: i followed all the same procedures with all the movies i converted to DivX, but somehow, in these 2 exceptions i got a final size significantly smaller than the predicted one (about 2 CDs of 650Mb instead of 2 CDs of 700Mb) is excused to say that i selected the appropriate CD size in Gordian Knot...i really can't find an explanation for this...looks like Gordian Knot screws up the scene during the bitrate recalculations...

(Hipothetical important) Note: so far, i've always used the original AC3 streams to mux with the DivX video

I just beg someone can give me a reason for this phenomena (isn't it? :rolleyes: )

Cheers!! :cool:

Enchanter 18 Nov 2002 11:21 AM

It sounds like those AVIs have reached the maximum quality attainable and no more bits need to be assigned to the video, hence the reason why the final AVI size is lower than projected.

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