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Default GK provides no sound after process

A few months ago I was trying to get the divx down right with flask and gave up on that. Now Gknot looks promissing but I am having troubles with it. I am trying to rip the sopranos first season DVDs so I have one episode on each divx disc (plenty of room) I did a couple of test runs with just 1 chapter and followed the gk guide, the resulting chapter came out great. I then tried an entire eipisode and with the same settings (adjusted slightly for a larger file) I get just the video and no audio.

I noticed with the smaller test files I would get something like




The movie would have only video and the one that didn't say movie would have both. When I encode the entire thing I get only the one named movie and not the other. I have tried encoding the MP3 seperately and adding it in later, still no luck.

Since I do end up with an mp3 and a video, is there a way for me to just stick the mp3 in the video? I can't find a tab for this in gk.

Sorry I know this is a simple question but I am not too experienced here.

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Gknot does it thing in stages. The file you get called video_1_movie.avi is simply the encoded video with no audio. Here is a couple of things to try next time.

Ensure that after you save the script file that you go to the audio tab and select the audio track that you want to use by clicking on the select button. Then go back and start the encode.

If you have the video only and the audio only files you can join them with a program called nandub. Download it from here and do this after starting it:

1. File - Open - (your video file)
2. Video (select direct stream copy)
3. Audio - select mp3 option - then select the mp3 file.
4. Audio - set to direct stream copy
5. File - save avi under a new name.

This will join the audio and video file.

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Default Thanx!

I used Nandub and put the files together and got a nice finished product (668MB).

I later looked around and found a file in my gknot directory called _.avi which was over 3 GB. I deleted it and things got better, now it properly puts the movie and sound together. I think before it was working with that file and ran out of space on C so just stopped before putting the sound and video together (my VOBs and all are on E so that was strange).

Now I reinstalled it all to clear any problems and if I look at the stats in Nandub while it is doing it's divx passes it always says the resultant file will be 2044K throughout the whole process and indeed windows shows it to be about that big until the end when suddenly (I was afk at the time) it turned into a nice 650MB movie with sound. I will just leave it to whatever powers made it possible that this will keep working for me, but any ideas where this glitch in nandub comes from?

BTW when I had the 3 GB file in the gknot directory it said all my files would be 3-6GB depending on how I set the slider which is what tipped me off that something was really wrong.
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