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Default Gordian Knot Compression Test Error, Please Advise.

Hi guys,

After deliberating for weeks about using Gordian Knot to encode DVDs to DivX, I've finally made the push and attempted to use it. Everything seems fine and work well after endless hours of trial and errors and time spent reading the online tuts available around.

Here are some background facts as to what software I'm using.

1) Gordian Knot Rip Pack v0.27
2) Gordian Knot System Pack v0.27
3) Replaced the VirtualDub withing the pack to v1.5.1
4) Instead Of Installing the Divx 5.0.2 Codec included in the packaged I'm using my own DivX 5.0.3 Pro Codec instead.

Besides the last 2 points I pretty much followed everything most of the tutorials online said except when it comes to the part before the actual encoding where I'm supposed to do a pass test I get this error, I simply ignored it and went ahead and did the encoding everything seems to work fine until the 2nd pass comes into play where I get 'roughly' the same error about not being able 'count encoded frames' again. Gordian does not halt and goes on encoding until I get a final avi file. The file seems fine so far. But I'm constantly bugged and nagged in my mind about this error that I can't seem to figure out. I'm just want to know whatever I can about what I'm messing with and Gordian Knot seems to be a pretty cool s/w that justifies me investing time in mastering it. Hope someone out there who has more expertise in this s/w can help me out here. It's driving me crazy

Here is an extract of the error:

7:08:44 PM: Started DivX5-First Pass: C:\PROGRA~1\GORDIA~1\LastCompCheck.avs
7:11:32 PM: Finished DivX5-First Pass. Duration: 2 minutes, 47 seconds.
7:11:32 PM: Trying to open Log-file.
7:11:32 PM: Error: Could not open _1_perc_D5_subs_SharpBicubic_704x528.log
7:11:32 PM: Error: Could not count encoded Frames.
7:11:32 PM: Speed: 0.000 Frames per Second.

7:11:32 PM: Done.
7:11:32 PM: Log File = _1_perc_D5_subs_SharpBicubic_704x528.log
Total Encoding Time: 2 minutes, 47 seconds.

Oh before I forget I have another question regarding the selection of audio tracks? Under the Interleaving & AVI-Overhead sub-section under the Bitrate tab.

Why do all the tutorials recommend the setting of a 1x vbr-mp3 of either 128kbps or 160kbps instead of the ac3 format which is ripped from the VOB file?

Which is of the better quality if any difference at all between ac3 or mp3 format? Is a preference of mp3 over ac3 a matter of compression (size) difference while the former not attributing much loss in actual quality or is it for some other unforseeable reason by me?

In the selection of mp3 bitrate what would be the optimal bitrate for retaining the best sound, would 128 be sufficient enough or would 160 be better and would 190 be an overkill?

Sorry if there's too much questions at one time.

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Old 10 Apr 2003, 01:37 AM   #2
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Dont know if you got it yet but you need to use Divx 5.02 with current version of knot.

I got the same error switched back to 5.02 works well now
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