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Default GordianKnot & Resizing: Got a problem

I have moved on from flask 2 Gknot & Nandub. But with Gknot it is hard to keep the original size. And when you do resize it to say 640*… it does not keep the aspect ratio perfect. Is they any method 2 frameserve that will preserve its aspect ratio, and make it possible 2 keep its original size.
I likes Flask cos it was good at this.
I don’t mind frameserving from DVD2Avi ==> Avisynth or DVD2avi ==> vfrapi

Anybody help me!!

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What exactly do you mean? GK has a set of aspect ratios that you can use (eg. 4:3 or 16:9).

If you don't like this automation style, DVD2AVI project file -> vFAPI will keep the picture at the original resolution. To get the resolution you want, crop as usual and then resize to the resolution that you have calculated out manually in advance. It may be tedious, but it's more controllable than GK, in the sense that you can specify exactly what the horizontal and vertical size should individually be. You can even use Flask to work out what resolution you should use.
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I admit that chop and resize in GK can seem a bit confusing when moving from flask to GK, I think the primary difference is that flask resizes before chopping, but in GK you chop before you resize. And you have to manually select which aspect ratio the DVD uses.

Futhermore the preview window in GK doesn't show the correct aspect ratio by default, it just shows a pixel by pixel copy of the source, and because DVD's are always encoded at 720*576(PAL) or 720*480(NTSC), a 16:9 DVD will look stretched in the preview window. You can get the preview window to show the correct aspectration by selecting resized in the view menu in the preview window.

But all this is explained in much greater detail in the guides at the official site
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Digital Video Expert
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thanx a lor. i'll have a fiddle around and see what i can make up
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My suggestion is that you read a guide on the subject to understand it beter. I would have send you to my guide but i don't explain it very well=( (will do it better later on). So try out the main guide of GK.

DVD Backup Guide
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