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Smile-2 HOMEVIDEO or VIDEO => DIVX [[Can I do this with my system???]]

Im not a complete newbie to this, I've done a fair share of research on the subject of video capture and on encoding computer video files to a compressed format. I won’t stress the details right now on making the encoding because I am already having problems getting the quality to be transmitted from my video (camcorder ….and hopefully later, a vcr) to my computer.
My video card has the ability to accept the video stream, but I am starting to believe that the reason why my captured clip is such bad frame rate and resolution is because my card sucks (by the way, this does not improved at all, even when I attempt to make the quality better, it just increases the size of the file, but it still appears the same).

So my question is, is this all happening just because my video card sucks? Let me explain my computer system to you:

I have a PIII 733 mhz PC 133
528 MB Ram (rough estimate) PC133
40 Gig HDD at 7200RPM ATA100

32 MB ASUS AGP Video Card Model V6600 Deluxe [this videocard has 3D, TVout, TVin bought it for 50 bucks at a computer show]

Sound blaster live value

Software : WIN XP Pro. Divx codecs etc... TV Capture software VirtualDUB

So I made a clip, no audio, I know this wouldn’t have any audio yet. I’ll work on that later, but Its just so damn annoying the fact that no matter how big the size of the file, my capture and even just the playback of the clips are really crap.

At one point I actually thought it could be that I didn't have the proper plugin, or if I change it to a fake plugin or alternate plugin, I would have a real good capture. Any suggestions on this?

If it really is my video card...
Maybe I should just forget the whole ordeal?
Lighter massive! Call for the REEEEWIND!

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Default hmm..

funny because I have the same problem. I have a AverTV Studio card with S-Video, Audio-in/out, video-in(yellow jack), and Antenna in or Cable in and FM. And no matter what I do the video capture is really crap! The card claimed all the goodies, but the capture quality once played is really nasty plus if the resolution is really at 720x480 there are visible lines across the video clip. I guess we can't fix it! I got the latest drivers too.

I think the only way is to go DV. Yep, Digital Video! with Firewire 1394 IEEE Thingy!

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