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Question How can the same movie have 3 different frame rates

I got 3 different frame rates for the same move (The Other - Nichole Kidmam):

1) 20.00 fps : DVD2AVI 1.76 with VFAPI Pkug in and DirectDraw Overlay

2) 25.00 fps : DVD2AVI 1.76 with no plugins (come with Gknot)

3) 24.00 fps : DVD2AVI 1.85 (the 1 with MP3 encoding) with VFAPI Plugin

Also the dvd is PAL

So whats going on & what one should i use to create a dvd2avi prjoect so i can use in Gknot?

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1) Sounds like you have selected 'force film' in DVD2AVI, defintely a big no no for PAL DVDs.

2) This is ofcause the correct one, all PAL DVDs are 25fps.

3) I'am not 100% sure about this one... Maybe it's slowing down the movie to 24fps, meaning that the movie will still contain the same number of frames but will play a little longer.
There is a valid reson for doing something like this, all movies are recorded at 24fps, but when converted to PAL DVDs they are speeded up to 25fps. This means that all pal movies play slightly too fast. So slowing it down to 24fps, means that you will regain the proper speed, ofcause you need to be very carefull with audio sync when you do this.
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