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Lightbulb-2 Weird problems with Divx and win98se

I keep having this problem with my encoding....

No matter what i do my video keeps going upside-down AND wont do anything but one single pass in win 98se..Xvid will allow a two pass or more setting, but divx will never do anything more than one pass encoding. I am using gordon knot to set up all the parameters.

I finnaly found out, by chance, that it was because the orginal video i was testing witch was encoded with Cinepack by raduis. Becuase I converted the AVI to an uncompressed file and tried again. Everything worked fine then.

However, I am having a problem with divx 5.05 in windows 98se. The exact same file I am talking about above (file details as follows....
orginal file 800x600 12fps 83333us
cinepack codec by raduis
297 key frames
62500/100447/124672 (29134K) min/avg/max total key frame size
no delta frames
Audio 22050HZ
pcm uncompressed
300 frames
I then converted it to an umcompressed avi at 408mb

ANd all seemed to work fine.. the amount of keyframes dropped significantly after the encoding process. ( i never checked how many the uncompressed video had, i really wanted to delte that monster asap.) However, I was successful in encoding a significantly smaller file size, about 6mb instead of 29.5mb with little loss of quality.

BUT(big but)..... Why wont windows 98se encode this video, in fact no video... I mostly try to take an existing avi, anything, even ones that are divx already. Everytime it gets to the second pass it errors out and says "error -2" size not compatable or something. I only successfully encode things in windows 2000 sp3 (with a little annoyance that gordon knot keeps forgetting where virtual dub is everytime the prog is restarted.)

Any ideas why these problems happen. There is not much info i can give more than what i have now.

ok well this is what appears in the encoding que in gordian knot but it seemed to appear for any avi file for the most part they were similar (whatever codec)

Stared divx5 first pass....
finished divx5 first pass duration 43 seconds
trying to open log file
ERROR: could not open F:\\vdenc.log
ERROR: Could not count encoded Frames
Speed: 336944.271 Frames per Second
Warning: NUmber of counted frames differes from settings!
Warning: settings 291
Warning: counted : 0
Warning: Difference 291
Correcting Bitrate...
Original bitrate 1917k
ERROR: Correction Impossible.
Now encoding at 1917k

Started Div5-pass2

etc.. and the rest seems normal from there
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