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Default Can I change aspect ratio on mpg2 before making DVD:eg cut each filmframe?

I┤m buying a hauppage 350 TV card with mpeg decoding and encoding and harddisk VCR,and my question is:
Lets┤say I record a movie from the TV with lets say the SVCD or DVD capture modes in the hauppage meny. I then end up with a 4:3 mpeg recording with a letterbox with black edges.Is there a program on the market that will let me edit this mpegfile by batch converting frame by frame so the entire movie can be zoomed in and cut the black horisontal edges off or reducing them so they are smaller (loosing ofcourse some of the vertical edges of the movie). What I┤m trying to say here is there a way for me to convert an mpeg file that is in the "4:3 with letterbox" format (could also be a movie captured from a VCR) so that I get the 4:3 (normal TV) aspect ratio WITHOUT horisontal black edges or with smaller edges). I realize this means I loose some of the pictures resolution and some of the outer edges. I remember when I bought the movie TITANIC I could get a hold of a "cut " version that had no black edges,and this is what I want to do with the films I record from the TVcard. I know I can export to a different aspect ratio in ex.adobe premiere but this will DISTORT the picture since it doesnt cut and zoom each film frame. Is there a program that will do this automatically???
I┤m a newbie so please excuse me if this is a stupid question or if it┤s the wrong forum,but none of the people I asked have a clue how to solve this problem.
Kind Regards Dexter.
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Yes, I know a program that can help you Zooming and Croping MPEG1 files very easily.
I often used it. The name of the software was Panasonic MPEG encoder (You just set zoom ratio or cropping, then it will re-encode all movie frames).

Sorry I can give you a link of this software cause I had been warned by this ADMIN's forum not to promote any COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE ! Why ? Just ask to the admin, cause I don't know the reason.

Happy Encoding !
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Default full frame 4:3 aspect ratio

use FLASKMPEG to do this very simple task you can find it in the downloads section
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