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Default Can Sony Vegas+DVD do timeline editing?


I've just purchased a copy of Sony Vegas+DVD ($100.00 program). I have not opened the box yet. Before I do open the box (and am unable to return it and get my money back), I'd like to know if anyone can tell me if it can easily do basic scene deletion. I'm a newbie, so be easy on me.

I will be capturing a home video from tape to a DVD-R in a standalone DVD recorder. I will then take the DVD-R and put it in my Plextor DVD burner, where I will capture the entire video to some sort of image file (I think preferrably NOT .vob) and then use a program (like Sony Vegas+DVD) to do editing.

What I REALLY need to do is set begin and end points on portions of the video and delete the unwanted scene in between the begin/end points.

It seems to me that this approach is slightly different than using a storyboard and that using some kind of storyboard approach would be a lot more cumbersome than something like a timeline approach.

1. Can anyone tell me if Sony Vegas+DVD will do this kind of "begin-end" timeline editing?

2. If it won't do this timeline editing, then how might it be done with Sony Vegas+DVD?

If you reply to this message, please note if you have used Sony Vegas+DVD (and also how long you've used the program).

Thanks very much in advance.
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I've never used it before but, I would assume that there is a freeware alternative somewhere that would accomplish the same thing.
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They are MANY programs out there that will do TIME LINE editing, Vegas Video, Dazzle, Video Factory II are just a few, you can also use a large combination of programs to do editing, also you might want to get something like Kazaa or Bear Share and do a search for other programs as well. Hope this helps.
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Old 20 Apr 2005, 10:58 PM   #4
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Hi troublechuter1,

I have been using Vegas for a couple of years now for my home movies and it is superb. It is a very powerful editor and has lots of features I haven't even figured out yet!

If what your asking is can it take a movie file (avi, mpeg, etc) and cut bits out, trim it etc then the answer is yes. It has a trimmer that you use to cut the movie files and then place them on the timeline. The original movies are not affected so you can edit the clips multiple times.

It will also do much more! It can export to most formats and can do Dolby Digital sound which DVD Architect can import.

As you may be able to tell I am a fan but I would check out
for more info.


Mr E
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For $100, it's just about the most powerful editor you can get.
Open the box, load it up, and learn how to do video!
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