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Question-2 dvd dvdrom problem

What I would like to do is to make a DVD/DVD Rom that will work in a set top box and in a computer.

When put in the set top box I want it to work as a film but when put in a computer I want it to run like a CD-Rom with the option of using extras or showing the film.

Is this actually possible?

What software would I need, or how could I create a DVD that could do this? I was hoping to be able to make a player in something like Director MX so that if it was put in the computer it could detect if it was a computer, and then play the disk as a DVD Rom. I also wanted the player to be able to check the date and play clips accordingly. So, for example, on the 20th of each month, if I wanted the film to play out of sequence or play hidden clips which could only be accessed on the 20th of the month, is this possible? That means the player/interface would need to be able to check the date on the computer and find the according clip. Is any of this possible without the user having to explore the disk? I want it to be seamless, as in the user doesn’t have to exit normal player software and explore the contents of the disk. Is it possible? If not, what alternatives or workarounds could I use? At the moment I’m going to make a DVD with an extras folder and in the folder have a Director player, but I don’t know how to make it date sensitve? Or how to make it so that the user wouldn’t have to explore the disk….


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"how could I create a DVD that could do this?"

Create an "Autorun.inf" file on the DVD (root directory, NOT in either the "VIDEO_TS" or "AUDIO_TS" folders/directories) and whatever PC-specific files you wish. These will be recognized by the PC and totally ignored by a standalone DVD player.

I'd suggest you examine any of the multitude of commercial DVDs that include PC-only "extras" (Hulk, Lion King, Harry Potter, etc.)...
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thanks for the advice.
I will be trying it out in the next few days.
will this effect the way in which the dvd runs on a pc?. as in will the pc dvd playing softwear still play the video ts file first? or will having the autorun.inf disable this?....
I have looked at sevral dvds but have been told that I need to use a hi end sonic program or use interactull...
any way Ill try what youve surgested and let you no what happens.
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