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Question-2 Jerky PS2 Playback

Well, I've finally decided to post this since I am tired of trying so hard and getting nowhere, hopefully, someone knows the answer to this and can help me.


What I do:

1. Rip the DVD with DVD Decrypter under File Mode (All Files)

2. De-Mux the VTS_01_1 file using VobEdit (Video/Audio/Subs)

3. Re-Mux using IfoEdit inserting Video and Audio in exact same order as original DVD, BUT, replace the .SUP file with my own

4. Use ImgTool to create file

5. Burn under DVD Decrypter

NOW, the problem is...on the X-Box, playback of the DVD is pretty much flawless, menu's work fine and chapters are in correct places. However, in my PS2 the playback is jerky, what pretty much happens is that it plays about a second of video and then seems to pause for a slight millisecond and pixelate (like a pulse every second that reduces the image quality) and then continue in a loop. Why THE *^&* does this happen, and why doesn't it happen on the XBox (PC playback is obviously fine).

What I assume is happening is either in the de-muxing (in VobEdit) of the video stream or the re-muxing (in IfoEdit) of the video stream. Now, what doesn't make sense to me is that I am in NO-WAY re-encoding the MPEG-2 (video) file in any way. I don't know much about field orders but that shouldn't be the case since I am not editing it in any way, just separating the different streams and putting them all together again.

Interesting Thing: I have made an exact copy of the DVD in DVD Decrypter to make sure its not the media or anything else, DVD plays flawless in PS2, so it can't have anything to do with the DVD+R media or Burner itself

If someone can give me any clues to this PLEASE reply, I am so stumped its not funny. I am using Verbatim DVD+R but have also used HP DVD+R and Memorex DVD+R (which Suck with a capital S so don't buy them)

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