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Old 6 Sep 2003, 02:13 PM   #1
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Default PLZ I NEED HELP!!! after i merge to parts

I am a bit pissed because i have a few svcd, mpeg1,MPEG2 and avi movies that are broken into 2 cds

movie.mpeg_cd2 (its from newsgroups)

u get what i mean

now my problem is .... AFTER I MERGE cd1 cd2 toghter to become one long movie the speach is ****en off!!!!

i tried avi/mpeg joiner
easy joiner
and know somthing fx merge i think its called

WHY WHY WHY is this happening



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Old 6 Sep 2003, 10:54 PM   #2
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Question.. Why do you want to join SVCD ? Avi i can imaging, its easier to convert...BUT remember that 2 part are most of the time not equal Most of the time the bitrate differ. So thats why the sound is off.
Probebly if you join scvd's the sound is allright in the firts part, it gets off in the second part, right ??
there is a little delay in the sound of a mpeg at the beginning, if you join them, the sound files get pasted togeter and you will get a sound off in the second file.....
But there are several methots to overcome this, it depends wat you want with a "big" scvd..
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Old 7 Sep 2003, 10:39 PM   #3
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hi cavie,
thanks for help ok i want to merge my movies that i have in 2 cd's
to one, then burn to DVD-R an dwatch in standalone dvd player

ok thanks again for help


ALSO yes, the sound is off slighty after cd2 been i merge them

cs1 is fine its after the cd2 that it sounds off..

and i have have avi mpeg and divx also that i would like to convert to dvd format

plz advise --------------
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Old 7 Sep 2003, 11:08 PM   #4
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Junior Member
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Ok, first of all if you want to put several svcd's on 1 dvd-r try to use svcdtodvd its an great program, its free and you don't have to merge svcd's together ( there is also an payed version (only 5 euro orso) You can put about 5 to 6 svcd on one dvd....the al have their own chapter but they are runnig in one hole peace
their is an online tutorial....

And for avi's encode them apart and use the auther software to join them, that's the way i do it and works ok for me

good luck...
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