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Default setarip help plz

you sound as if you know what your doing to burn a dvd using nero.
i have Fu***ed 4 disks trying to burn a mpeg file to dvd.
i select the udf and click on it then i drag my file over to the black piece on the left side.
the proceed to the burning which i finialise the disk.
after it burns it says it is complete but. it wont play on the dvd rom it wont play back in the burner and wont play on the ps2 or my dvd player in the living room.

someone help me please

QUOTE]Originally posted by setarip
It appears that the "safest bet" for having your burned DVD recognized by the greatest variety of standalone DVD players (especially older ones), is to use NERO's "UDF 1.02" (NOT 1.05) mode.

(Remember to place all files into a "Video_ts" folder - and create an empty "Audio_ts" folder as well, just as a precaution) [/QUOTE

i dont know how to crete these video folders mate as they are not there
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"i dont know how to crete these video folders mate as they are not there"

Right-click under the word "New" (disk icon) in the leftmost window.
Select "Create new folder"
Type "VIDEO_TS" (without the quotation marks)
Click on the disk icon
Right-click in the same window and once again select "Create new folder"

A) Yes, for SOME DVD players, only UPPERCASE letters are recognized

B) Make sure you haven't placed the "AUDIO_TS" folder INSIDE the "VIDEO_TS" folder!
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Thumbs up Check your DVD player compatibility first.

A big problem is that none of the writable formats are fully compatible with each other or even with existing drives and players. In other words, a DVD+R/RW drive can't write a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc, and vice versa (unless it's a combo drive that knows both formats). As time goes by the different formats are becoming more compatible and more intermixed. A player with the DVD Forum's DVD Multi is guaranteed to read DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM discs, and a DVD Multi recorder can record using all three formats. Some new "Super Multi" drives can write to DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW, but not DVD-RAM.
In addition, not all players and drives can read recorded discs. The basic problem is that recordable discs have different reflectivity than pressed discs (the pre-recorded kind you buy in a store), and not all players have been correctly designed to read them. There are compatibility lists at CustomFlix, DVDMadeEasy, VCDHelp,,, and Apple that indicate player compatibility with DVD-R and DVD-RW discs. maintains a list of_ DVD+RW compatible players and drives. (Note: test results vary depending on media quality, handling, writing conditions, player tolerances, and so on. The indications of compatibility in these lists are often anecdotal in nature and are only general guidelines.) Very roughly, DVD-R and DVD+R discs work in about 85% of existing drives and players, while DVD-RW and DVD+RW discs work in around 65%. The situation is steadily improving. In another few years compatibility problems will mostly be behind us, just as with CD-R (did you even know that early CD-Rs had all kinds of compatibility problems?).

Further information about DVD standard and file structure can be read at
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