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Default tmpgenc plus jerks!please help

sorry for not being clear, my mistake. i can't believe i forgot to mention that i am converting all of these avi's to dvd.i just put in a different version of tmpgenc plus and its doin the same thing.

the way i understand it, i must use tmpgenc plus to encode the avi's, (they come out in 2 files m2v and another one), then i put them through tmpgenc dvd author 1.6. then i would have vob files to burn.(is this a good process?)is there something better i should be doing?like i said, tmpgenc plus comes out with a beautiful picture, but that damn jerkyness(you know when the screen pans or cars drive etc, you can notice it.)i'm really starting to get frustrated with this. i have been using the free version of tmpgenc for a year making vcd's with great success).i just dont know what to do....

i have not burned any mpeg-2 on disc. i let tmpgenc plus encode it for about 30 seconds or so, then i hit abort so i can see how it is gonna turn out. all of the originals play perfect.

THIS IS THE WEIRD PART: why should my raising the environment directshow setting, change the frame rate in "other settings"?

when i raise directshow it says 29.97fps. when i have environment settings on default, it says 23.976(29.97fps internally). what the heck?

if i try to go "un-lock" the framerate option it doesn't even have the "23.976(29.97fps internally)" selection in there! it vanished when the environment directshow was jacked up!like i said it switches to 29.97fps(that's when it jerks)


i need to raise the environment settings to get past those errors like: can not open or unsupported etc.(it works all the time in the free version)it's gotta be me just doin something wrong.....

i appreciate your help.
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See my response to your other (Duplicate) post.

Duplicate posting is a violation of the rules of these forums...
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