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Default Tweety Pie/Help

If I was to rip an entire movie to my hard drive , then run the VOB files through ReMpeg2 to bring down the bitrate , and then through SpruceUp to convert them back into VOB's , and then swap the Video_TS.ifo and BUP files from the original rip back into the new VIDEO_TS folder that SpruceUp made. Would doing this keep the original menu? Or will all the chapter points and pointers be off? Is there a way to fix them if they are?
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mmmmmm never tried to do it with the original menus.

there is a way to do it - have read somewhere on a guide but it looked extra extra complicated lol

thing is why would you want the original menu anyway?

by the time you have cut all the trailers and extra features out and just have the movie, the only button that would work on any oriinal menus would be the 'play movie' button (presuming you managed to build it with the origianl menu).

non of the other options on the menu would work as they wouldn't be on the disc. lol

i know what youre thinking as it would look good.

i'm gonna try something give us a couple of days and i'll post back if i've been successful or not!
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I was thinking:
rip the whole movie to my HD with all the languages and angles. And then run all the VOB files through REMPEG2. Then use IFOEDIT to create new VOBs from the M2V file that REMPEG2 created. then put back the original Video_ts.ifo and BUP files with the original menu information.
Does that sound right?
As of right now I am ripping the movies to my HD with only English and the main movie. Then only dropping the bitrate to about 80/90% and getting them to fit on a single sided DVDR. I create my own menues with SpruceUp. But after SpruceUp creates the VOB files and the IFO files in the new VIDEO_TS folder you have to go into the main IFO file and change it back to 16:9 because SpruceUp puts it out as 4:3
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