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Joeforsale 18 Jul 2010 02:35 AM

Can't remove subs on H.264
If this has already been answered I couldn't find it and do apologize. I'm using TMPGenc Express to convert an H.264 file into DVD Mpeg format. The problem I'm running into is that there are subs encoded on the file. Some side notes: using Shark 007 codecs with subs disabled, there are no sub files for the video I am converting. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

MilesAhead 18 Jul 2010 09:58 AM

I don't have Express but I remember when using TMPGEnc Plus if you had subtitles in the same folder with the same basename, they would get picked up and burned in. Example, movie.avi and in the same folder. Output would be mpeg video with the subs burned in. Try renaming the subtitle file if it's external. If it's a stream in the .mkv and you can't disable it being included, use MkvMergeGui and select all but the subtitle streams and output another .mkv file. Use that as input.

Also you might get around it by configuring FFDShow not to display subtitles.

Joeforsale 18 Jul 2010 07:52 PM

Thanks for the reply. There are no subs in the movie folder, but I will give the MKVMerge GUI a try and let you know what happens.

MilesAhead 19 Jul 2010 04:33 AM

If they are not burned in then they have to be a stream. It should show something in any of the MkvToolNix Gui programs.

Joeforsale 19 Jul 2010 05:52 AM

Thanks so much for your help man. I basically extracted everything except the subtitles that it listed and then put the audio and video file back together. Its converting in Tmpgenc Express now and not showing subs. I guess in programs like Media Player the subs can be hidden, but when Tmpgenc wants to convert it shows everything.

MilesAhead 20 Jul 2010 03:54 AM

Glad you got it working. :)

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