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denadel 10 Oct 2011 05:31 AM

Problems with subbing using divxland, aegisub, staxrip

I was hoping someone here could help me, as I am stuck at the moment!
I just need someone to help me set the programs and to download the codecs I need. I have been seraching the web for days and hours and I am exhausted!

I make subtitles for Japanese music videos, and have for the last two years used a combination of aegisub, divxland media subtiler and staxrip.
I just got a new computer, puter, and thought it would be easy just installing the programs over agan but alas!

What I do when I sub the videos is:
I use divxland media subtitler to time mpg videos with subtitles (press+hold)
I use staxrip to encode the mpg to mkv
I open the mkv in aegisub and tweek the timing
I then load the mpg plus the .ssa subtitles in staxrip and encode to mkv
And the video is done.

But not anymore:
the audio in the mkv and mpg doesnt match. So when I sub mpg in divxland media subtitler, the times dont match the mkv when I work on it in aegisub (and the other way around). Divxland also seem to cut the mkv videos after a few mins, so there is nothing complete.

It is just a big mess, and I was hoping someone would be kind enough to help me untangle this stuff in any way possible!

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