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Old 13 Oct 2002, 03:08 AM   #1
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Default Anyone else had this with Star Wars Episode 1

HI all

has anyone had this problem ripping episode1 to 2 DVD-R,s

when i play the first disc in ifo-edit it starts off ok plays the scrolling bit at the start in english
Then it reapeats untill its gone through every language
when its gone through all the languages it goes onto chapter 3 and all is normal

i did the usuall split to 2 DVD-R,s in Ifo-edit then added the missing files i needed into each folder

Any Help well appreciated


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Old 13 Oct 2002, 10:43 PM   #2
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i had this problem m8 - although i was putting it onto 1disk
instead of two but its still the same.

If i remember correctly you have to removethe other angles and branches (in ifoedit on the vob extras options window).

You will probably see lots of angles (or branches can't remember! lol) just tick the one you want to keep (english presumably)
and ifoedit will strip the rest out.

You should just be left then with one scrolling intro which then goes into the film without repeating.

Can you tell me simply how to do the copying files into folders etc for a 2 dvd split film (where you copy some files acroos?)

Have read the guides but gave up on that as it wasn't explained very well.

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Old 14 Oct 2002, 01:22 AM   #3
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May the force be with you Tweetie Pie

yep it was the angles,

kept angle 1 ditched the rest now it works perfectly

yep theres a few guides for doing a 2 dvd-r rip i got a few printed out i got a whole folder full of print outs on all this dvd stuff

I,ll probably explain this worse than the guides lol but i,lll give it a shot

ok so first thing rip all the files with decrypter or smartripper

create two new folders with the VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS in each folder

open ifo_edit and load the video_ts.ifo of the movie hit dvd play and play the movie till it starts or till it gets to the root menu so u can see what title sets it uses , exit the movie window and it will tell u what titles it used , these are what u need for the main menu and stuff
look in ifo-edit and see what VTS corresponds with the titles it used
so lets say Title 1 says Title 1: VTS_1 ect in ifo that means title 1 uses the VTS_1 files
so make a note of the titles used for later when u need to add the missing files

ok so open the movie folder and see which is the main movie files
most times its VTS_01. files but not allways , so look for the biggest files and see what VTS they are
ok open the Vts.ifo of the main movie titleset in ifo-edit
then hit VOB extras , all u need checked are correct vob-unit & correct ifo tables and slit to 2 dvd-r
select your 2 destination directories using the folders u created and click ok
I usually use the split piont ifo selects
now click split it and let ifo do its thing
once its done the 2 folders with the main movie files split into each of the VIDEO_TS folders with the VTS.IFO&BUP of the movie in each folder
now u need to copy the missing files u want into each folder
i usually add all the missing files if theres hardly any extras
once u have added the files open ifo again and load the VIDEO_TS.IFO file then click GET VTS SECTORS then save and save the file now hit dvd play and it should start playing
now do the same for the 2nd folder

Now u can burn to your blank dvd-rs
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Old 14 Oct 2002, 03:54 AM   #4
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Join Date: May 2002
Posts: 17

Hi m8

glad i could help young jedi

i'll give the 2 disc thing a shot when i've got some spare time

god you need it with this dvd lark lol

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