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Question Audio and Video not syncronised

Hi all
I've got a NEC 1300A DVD-/+R(W) burner (firmware version 1.07) and I'm using NERO 6 to burn DVDs.
I burned a AVI video onto a DVD-R (transcoding took 8h) with NeroVision Express 2. When I play the finished DVD, Audio and Video are syncronous at the beginning but the difference between the audio and video get larger and larger to the end.
In the end the audio is played about 1 min after the video.
What went wrong? How can I burn DVDs so audio and video are syncronised?
Thanks for your Help
Best regards from Switzerland
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Old 8 Oct 2003, 12:35 AM   #2
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Digital Video Master
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welcome adrian.....

it may be the original avi contains a VBR variable bitrate in the audio stream that caused your out of sync problem.....
you can either stick to nero vision express or use Tmpeg encoder
to convert your avi to a DVD compliant mpeg2 format.....
this mpeg2 file then can be used to create a DVD with Nero....
Tmpeg encoder itself is a very easy to use program and
has a wizard to support you in choosing the right settings...

but both nero vision express and tmpeg have some difficulties
with certain audioformats.....

I recommend that you check your avi before you start Tmpeg....or nero vision
you can use "Gspot" or "virtualdub mod" for that purpose

In case you have an avi with VBR mp3 audio..
there are many posts in here to convert an avi that includes
a variable bitratestream in audio to wav.... here is one of it

using VirtualDubMOD to Convert "VBR" .MP3 to Uncompressed .WAV

1) Load the .AVI file into VirtualDubMOD (a different program than the standard VirtualDub) , ignore the message about VBR audio and hit NO....

2) From the "Video" dropdown menu, select "Direct Stream Copy"

3) From the "Streams" dropdown menu, select "Stream List" - and rightclick on the audio stream, then select "Full Processing Mode"
rightclick again on the audiostream, then in compression select
no compresion (PCM) then click on Demux and enter a filename with the wav suffix (e.g. terminator.wav) to save the audio.

4) After the audio has been saved open streamlist --> streams again and click on disable

5) Save with a new filename.

now you have a proper audiofile and a silent videofile that you can load into Tmpeg

in case you have an avi with AC3....
load your avi into TMpeg

Then, in TMPGEnc, under "Environmental Settings", set the "Direct Show Multimedia Reader" to the highest priority listed ("1" is usually sufficient.

TMPGEnc will now be able to process both the video and audio streams of this file..."

or if this does not work for you

load your file into virtualdub MOD newest version (Not virtual dub)

demux your audiofile by choosing -->stream-->streamlist-->demux-->"filename".ac3
use the program "Headac3 he" to process it to wav.....

then use your original avi to be a source for the tmpeg videosource
and the headac3 he outputfile as audiosource

the basic information has been posted by setarip... I altered it
and enhanced some additional information
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Old 28 Oct 2003, 12:13 AM   #3
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Junior Member
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I've got the same issue ........... thanks for such a concise reply!!!
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