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Default Authoring Transitions between menus

I am trying to author a DVD which has simple crossfade transitions between the menus. This is how I am going about it in Reel DVD 3.
1. Encode the main film.
2. Encode the Transitions between menus, as video.
3. Import the stills and menu overlays, which I prepared in Photoshop and
saved as tiffs, into Reel.
4. Import the encoded film and the encoded transitions into Reel.
5. first play goes to the first still menu, which has 2 buttons. Button two links to the chapter menu, via the "play to cahpter" encoded video.
6. Once I have authored the DVD and play it on a set-top player, I notice that when i am on the play screen and i select the chapters button the transition between the play screen and the chapters screen seems to jump up 1 or 2 pixels.
So my problem is that changing from a still menu to a video transition then back to another still menu, the transition jumps up 1 or 2 pixels, then back down into the next still menu. I have tried using video as a background, instead of tiffs, but still have the problem.
Any suggestions ????

Kind regards.
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Just finished a DVD using motion menu buttons, each linked to a fly-away through a "matrix" . The trick is to first put all the elements in the timeline of your edit app, (repeating copies of the effect between chapters)..render as a single movie..then index the chapter markers with jump pointers that would avoid playing the "effect header" of each chapter unless selected from the menu.

I also added a "whoosh" type sound effect at the transition points....

The mother of this invention...came as a work around for Studio 8's lock-ups with nested motion menu BG's and buttons with a beta version. Taking seperate rendered segments out to premier for the fine tuning (along with the renderred motion screens)..then coming back into S8.. placing empty frame buttons "over" the pre-rendered motion minis'..assigning the links to file locations etc..It solved the combo menu bug...and reduced the final render time.

Hope this helps

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