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Default DVD authoring, ReelDVD and DVDMF/DVDWS problems

I;m having some trouble with my DVD authoring, and I'm new at it, so keep an open mind.

Here's the problem : I am trying to put my 4 CD SVCD of LOTR:TTT onto a DVD-R (tired of changing discs) and while I have done this with other multidisc SVCDs I cant get this one to work.

Here's what I am doing :

DVD2AVI to create one large d2v / mpa file
TMPGEnc to transcode to DVD-compliant MPEG-2
DVDMF2 or DVDWS to "author" the disc

(My system : AMD 2600+, Win2KSP3, 512 DDRAM, Pioneer A05 DVDRW)

Like i said, this has worked with other discs just fine, and while the quality leaves something to be desired, its no worse than the orig SVCD (to my eyes anyways) and I like the menus etc.

The problem with LOTR is its length (I think). Both ULead's DVDMF and DVDWS see it as a 2:20:27 sec file when in fact it is 2:55:00 in length. I verified this by opening the mpg2 in WMP before authoring. What happens is when I burn it, the resulting video is "jittery" and stalls throughout the disc, and always at the same places. I have tried it in a few standalones as well as my PC and same deal. I can only imagine this is happening because of the time thing. Anyone else seen this happen ? How can I fix it ?

So then I thought I'd try the Sonic's ReelDVD... and I cant even import the mpg as it says that its not 16:9 or 4:3... however when I transcoded it, I made sure it was a compliant resolution, which I figure it must be if DVDMF accepts it without any problem (except for the time thing).

So if anyone has any great ideas on either problem (the time problem in DVDMF or the importing asset problem in Sonic) I'm listening. I have searched the web and various forumz (doom9, afterdawn, VCDHelp, and here) without any luck.

Tx in advance.
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Old 29 Jan 2003, 03:26 AM   #2
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Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2003
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OK... so I just realized that ReelDVD requires the files to be in elementary streams... DUH.

Demuxing it and giving that a try.

Still would like to know what the deal is with DVDMF and the time thing.
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