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Old 1 Dec 2003, 04:21 PM   #1
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Junior Member
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Default Help Needed Big Problem Dvdlab

Hi, you guys are my last chance, I am not new to the authoring world, so I'll try to explain my big big problem.

I convert some movies to DVD from Avi sources, I use VirtualDub load the movie, start a frame server (cause I hardcode the subs) extract the AC3 audio, and I transcode it with BeSweet, i dont care if the movie is 23.976 or 25 or 29.97 fps, when I convert the movie with TMPEG I always code it at 29.97 (to avoid problems with IVTC adn 3:2 or 2:3 pulldown) once i have my MPEG 2 file, i opne it with powerDVD or WINDVD without a problem.

I use DVDlab and mux the Ac3 audio and the video, create the menu I create the chapters and i also Frame Index the Chapters, after this i compilate the movie.

To here everything perfect, i use Power DVD and WINDVD once more time to check that the menus works and the movie is ok, and everything is perfect not a problem audio and video in perfect sync and all is OK.

I burn it with Nero using DVD/UDF 1.02 since many say is more compatible, the movie is burned, I test it in my PS2 and it works great, test it one more with PowerDVD winDVD and everything is ok, test it with a DVDplayer and everything is OK.

The problems come when for some reason I have not been able to figure it on some players (many i will say) when i do a fast forward or go to the next chapter (whatever the next chapter is) or choose any chapter but the first from the menu, the movie DOESNT SHOW, you can hear the audio in the right place but you cant see the movie, this happens on many DVDplayers not all DVD player, and even on my XBOX, the wird thins is, if you start the movie you can watch it from the begining to end as long as you dont fast forward it or go to the next chapter, and REALLY this is driving me CRAZY, please, if someone know how to help me I will apreciate it.

This forum is my last hope.
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Old 2 Dec 2003, 10:12 PM   #2
Lord of Digital Video
Lord of Digital Video
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In the absence of anyone else answering this question I can only offer the possibility of a borderline media quality?
That some players play fine suggests your authoring technique and burning is ok.
That some players are misreading the frame references may account for the breakdown.
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Old 3 Dec 2003, 12:42 AM   #3
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Junior Member
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Thanks for answering, but i dont think is the media, cause if I do what i said before but using Ulead Workshop instead of DVDlab and everything works perfect, i Used the same Ac3 File and same M2V file in Ulead and everything was fine, I cant figure it out what is DVD lab doing wrong, the iso, the multiplexing, some option, I dont know.
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Old 7 Dec 2003, 01:03 AM   #4
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It may not be the authoring at all. I use DVDlab and no problems such as you have had.

NERO is good, but isn't ultimately compatible with all burners and all DVD players.

As for the UDF 1.02 issue in NERO, that is now moot and hence a load of rubbish.

The latest versions of NERO use UDF 1.02 in DVDVideo mode, the only difference being is that the folders are created for you.

If you want max compatibility for DVD burning then use Stomp RecordnowMax which has been rated by many as the most compatible DVD burning software as far as playability is concerned.
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Old 7 Dec 2003, 02:55 AM   #5
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Junior Member
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thanks ashy i will try that, hope it solve my problem
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