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Default How to delay audio in IFOEdit DVD authoring?

How to delay audio in IFOEdit DVD authoring
Can you tell me how to delay audio in IFOEdit DVD authoring?

When I use IFOEdit, V.094, DVD Authoring,
The Audio Delay is disabled?
How can I activate this?

The following is the BeSweet log when I try to delay the audio when I encode AC3 audio. But the audio does not seems move any at all.

What did I do wrong? Thank you for your advise.

How to synchronize audio to video?
I am trying to use the delay in BeSweetGUI.
Can you tell me +1000 move the audio ahead or behind the video?
This delay does not seem to have any effect at all moving the audio to match the video?

I am unable to synchronize the audio AC3 sound track created by DVD2AVI and with movie.m2v created by TMPGEnc.
I used IFOEdit to perform the DVD authoring and merge the video and video.

Thank you for your advise.


BeSweet v1.4 by DSPguru.
Using azid.dll v1.8 (b825) by Midas (
Using AC3enc.dll v0.2 by Gerard Lantau & Dg (

Logging start : 08/02/03 , 12:43:28.

C:\BeSweet.exe -core( -input C:\movie AC3 T01 2_0ch 224Kbps DELAY -80ms.ac3 -output C:\movie.ac3 -logfilea C:\BeSweet.log ) -azid( -s stereo ) -ota( -d 5000 ) -ac3enc( -b 384 )

[00:00:00:000] +------- BeSweet -----
[00:00:00:000] | Input : C:\movie AC3 T01 2_0ch 224Kbps DELAY -80ms.ac3
[00:00:00:000] | Output: C:\movie.ac3
[00:00:00:000] | Floating-Point Process: No
[00:00:05:000] +-------- AZID -------
[00:00:05:000] | Input Channels Mode: 2/0, Bitrate: 224kbps
[00:00:05:000] | Output Stereo mode: Stereo
[00:00:05:000] | Total Gain: 0.000dB, Compression: None
[00:00:05:000] | LFE levels: To LR -INF, To LFE 0.0dB
[00:00:05:000] | Center mix level: BSI
[00:00:05:000] | Surround mix level: BSI
[00:00:05:000] | Dialog normalization: No
[00:00:05:000] | Rear channels filtering: No
[00:00:05:000] | Source Sample-Rate: 48.0KHz
[00:00:05:000] +------- AC3ENC ------
[00:00:05:000] | Bitrate method : CBR
[00:00:05:000] | AC3 bitrate : 384
[00:00:05:000] | Channels Mode : 2.0
[00:00:05:000] | Error Protection: Yes
[00:00:05:000] +---------------------
[02:12:44:456] Conversion Completed !
[02:12:44:456] Actual Avg. Bitrate : 383kbps
[00:15:45:000] <-- Transcoding Duration
Logging ends : 08/02/03 , 12:59:13.
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