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Default I want to synchronize VTS ROOT with VTS NORMAL, as if it were a general main menu.

Hi, I'm new here, I'm taking issue for many years with programs that use as a working tool that are the DVDlab PRO, Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, etc., in my projects. I always work with cells for animated menus, which I learned on the Internet.

I am recently using the PgcEdit and thanks to this program, I could create a resume in a movie by some POST they recommended me.

Well, for now I would no longer work with cells, otherwise work with two VTS (VTS ROOT and VTS NORMAL) that are linked, and for that, the structure is performed by in DVDlab PRO in the first image (01 Structure DVD.jpg).

In the second image, a wide shot, in the part of VTS ROOT linked to the VTS NORMAL (02 Connection -2 VTS).

In each, the same objects are placed to be equal as the third image (03 Ojects ROOT.jpg and 04 in VTS in the VTS Ojects OPTIONAL.jpg) is shown.

Looking in some post, I have not found information on how to pair the two VTS and I was trying to make connections and code entries to VMCOMMAND, but at the end only the Menu button worked me well with the jump to the other VTS, in contrast with the Title button to that function was not only repeated in the first VTS that would be the VTS ROOT, no navigation buttons were synchronized since supposedly if I give the right navigation button on the VTS ROOT, this automatically when enters the VTS NORMAL, should remain in the same position as the ROOT VTS, which it dosen't, but returns to its position where it was when it first enters the VTS ROOT.

I was told that the PgcEdit, you can make it work well with the Title button as also synchronizing the navigation buttons, and i do not know how it is done, they not are given much information on that.

It would be nice to help me because I am a novice, I'm just learning. And the way to help me, is performing as a guide or tutorial.

I await your prompt help.

Sorry my Bad English XD... if they do not understand what I'm saying.
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I want to synchronize VTS ROOT with VTS NORMAL, as if it were a general main menu.-01-estructure-dvd.jpg   I want to synchronize VTS ROOT with VTS NORMAL, as if it were a general main menu.-02-connection-2-vts.jpg   I want to synchronize VTS ROOT with VTS NORMAL, as if it were a general main menu.-03-ojects-vts-root.jpg   I want to synchronize VTS ROOT with VTS NORMAL, as if it were a general main menu.-04-ojects-vts-optional.jpg  

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Lord of Digital Video
Lord of Digital Video
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Well, indeed, your English is not easy to understand. In fact, I understand nothing.

I don't understand what are the "two VTS" you are referencing. In the first image, I see only a single VTS, with the main movie. I don't understand either why you need two identical menus (called MAIN and OPTIONAL). If they are identical, you should need only the main menu. Duplicating the menu makes things more complex, probably without reason.

And furthermore, I don't understand what you want to do.

If I understand correctly the first image, the Title and Root menu buttons do exactly the same thing: They call the main menu. Do you want something else?

What is your language? Do you speak French? If yes, explain what you want in French and I'll try to translate for the other users, or send me a PM. Anyway, sorry, but currently, with the information above, I can't help.
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Junior Member
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Default I want to synchronize VTS ROOT with VTS NORMAL, as if it were a general main menu

Hello friend, as I said not much English, and I am Latin Spanish (South America), and a little fight back, and yes, it's terrible my translation, but if you know the Spanish or have Spanish speaking friends, you'll understand what you I say. So I'm trying to translate some for you to understand me.

Well, under this message (in English), I leave in Spanish after the end of this message for you to translate, as it is the same.

OK aside, to summarize all this, I just want to create a main menu like the original DVD's of Transformers 4 Passion of Christ and others as they come that kind of structure.

Since the PgcEdit, I saw that contains two VTSM 1 LU 1 peers (except the serial number) which are the 3b., 3b. or 2b., 2b. 5b., 5b., etc. And it is supposed to have been divided into two VTS (one is the VTS ROOT and the other would be the VTS connected or related to ROOT), but they are well synchronized with the navigation buttons, like the "TITLE" button and "MENU" button to jump first in the ROOT VTS and then in the VTS which is connected to ROOT without errors jump back to VTS ROOT.

Well, I hope that with this you can translate multiple languages, and at last I can make a guide to what I'm saying. Rather apologies for the translation. Sorry and Thanx


Hola amigo, como dije no mucho el inglés, y soy español latino (Sudamérica), y un poco me defiendo, y si, es terrible mi traducción, pero si conoces el español o tengas amigos de habla hispana, lo podrás entender lo que te digo. Por eso estoy tratando traducir poco para que usted me pueda entender.

Pero bueno, debajo de este mensaje (en inglés), te dejo en español después de finalizar este mensaje para que puedas traducir, ya que es el mismo.

OK dejando de lado, para resumirla de todo esto, solo quiero crear un menú principal igual que los DVD's originales de Transformers 4, La pasión de Cristo y otras más, ya que vienen ese tipo de estructura.
Ya que en el PGCEdit, he visto que contiene dos VTSM 1, LU 1 iguales (a excepción del número de orden), cuales son las 3b.,3b. o 2b., 2b. o 5b., 5b., etc. Y se supone que ha sido dividida en dos VTS (uno es el VTS ROOT y el otro vendría ser el VTS conectado o relacionado al ROOT), pero están bien sincronizadas con los botones de navegación, al igual que el botón “TITLE” y botón “MENU”, que saltan primero en el VTS ROOT y luego en el VTS que está conectado al ROOT sin tener errores en saltar de nuevo al VTS ROOT.

Bueno, ojala que con esto puedas traducir con varios idiomas, y que al fin me puedas hacer una guía de lo que te estoy diciendo. Más bien mil disculpas por la traducción. Perdón y gracias
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Lord of Digital Video
Lord of Digital Video
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Join Date: Mar 2004
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I don't understand much. I have only very basic knowledge of Spanish, sorry.

If I understand correctly, in the DVDs you have given as models of what you want to do (Transformers 4 and Passion of Christ), you see two LUs (VTSM 1, LU 1 and VTSM 1, LU 2). Correct?

"LU" means "Language Unit", and unless you want to create the same set of menu several times in different languages, you don't need several LUs. Anyway, only one LU can be played. The DVD player selects automatically the LU to play according to your preferred menu language. (In PgcEdit, you can change your preferred menu language with Trace -> Virtual Player Setup. In a real DVD player, it's a setting that can usually be changed with the player's menu.) The preferred menu language is stored in SPRM(0) when a DVD is inserted. Later, the player uses that value to select the menu (or, more precisely, the LU) translated in your preferred language automatically.

For example, let's say you have configured Spanish as your preferred menu language.
If a DVD has 2 LUs, LU 1 in English (language code "en") and the second LU is in Spanish ("sp"), when the menu is called (with a VM command or a menu button of the remote), the player will automatically jump to the second LU, in Spanish.

In the other hand, if the player has for example only a LU in English and another one in French, but no LU in Spanish, the player will select the first LU, or the first LU without language code.

Of course, when there is only one LU in the VTSM, it will be played anyway, regardless of its language code.

Anyway, there is no need to create several LUs if you do not want to create a DVD with the same menu in different languages. As far as I know, all authoring programs for casual users like DVD-Lab pro can only create a single LU, because there is no need for several menu languages.

If you want a multi-language menu anyway, you can do that with several LUs, but I suppose you will need to use a professional authoring program. And PgcEdit cannot help (or that will be extremely complicated).

It is also possible to create a single LU, but with different PGCs for the different languages, and then use the VM commands to examine the content of SPRM(0) and jump to the correct PGC. But that will require to edit many commands, and it's complicated. Therefore, I do not recommend to try to create several LUs. It's very complicated, for a very little benefit.

Have I replied to your question? If I have not understood what you want, try to post images or text dumps from PgcEdit to explain what you want with examples.
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