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Default Multiple links in one menu button


So i got some prob with a dvd i am working on.
i have fixed all the links and everything but this dvd got a prob that i have not run in to before.

So i have a subtitle menu with buttons, i usually just use the set subtitle commands and then you can go back to main menu to start the dvd.
BUT this dvd does not have a return button (and i do not want to make one)
Soo my question is this,
After i have edit the button to set subtitle streams, how do i make it so that it after setting the subtitle stream it starts the movie?
I have a dummy vmgm that links to the main movie so i need the button to after setting the stream link to that vmgm and start the movie!

any tips?

edit: I found the "and" link button in the set subtitle menu.
But i dont realy know what do link to from there i can link from there to the vmgm.

Regards Amstaff!

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Yessss! i did it! hehe

I checked the "and" box and i made a "linktail" to execute the post commands, then i made a post commands that linked to my vmgm and it worked!

I dunno if this is the "right/wrong" way to do it, mayby there is another way?
Anyway it worked but i am interested in any other ways to do it so if you know another way plz let me know
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Lord of Digital Video
Lord of Digital Video
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Your method is file if no other button links to the post-commands of the current PGC. If I understand correctly, it's the case here, so what you did is perfect.

However, when there are already some post-commands executed by other buttons, your SetSTN+LinkTailPGC commands will conflict with the other buttons, and in the post-commands, you will have to check which button was pressed, and jump to the main movie only if it corresponds to one of the language buttons. (The last selected or activated button number * 1024 is stored in SPRM 8, so you have to copy SPRM 8 to a free GPRM and check the value of that GPRM. If, for example, it is 2048, that means that button 2 was activated, and if it's a language button, then you can jump to the main movie. In the cases of the last selected button is not one of your language button, you should execute the original post-commands.)

Another way, usually easier when there are buttons that link to the post-commands is this:
Create a new dummy PGC in the menu. In your SetSTN command, instead of adding the LinkTailPGC link, add a LinkPGCN command to jump to the new dummy PGC. In that new PGC, jump to the main movie (or the VMGM PGC if the main movie is not in the same VTS).

Anyway, when the navigation quits a menu, the button that has been selected is stored in SPRM 8. Since that button is highlighted by default when another menu is visited, the button number should be less or equal to the number of buttons in the new menu. So, I suggest to add a SetHL_BTN command to reset it to 1 in the post-commands of the language menu (or in the pre-commands of the new dummy PGC if you use the second method). That will have the effect of resetting SPRM 8 to 1024 (button 1), and that value is compatible with all menus, since there is at least one button per menu.
PgcEdit homepage (hosted by VideoHelp)
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Junior Member
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Okok tnx for the reply!
I got lucky there couse there where no other post-commands that other buttons was using.

But now i know abit more what to do if that is the case next time, so tnx for the info!

You always got the answer mr r0lZ and i salut you!

Regards Amstaff!
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