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Lord of Digital Video
Lord of Digital Video
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Arrow PgcEdit v8.4 released - 26 June

PgcEdit v 8.0

A. = Added feature
E. = Enhanced feature
F. = Bug Fixed
  • E. Cell Table: The misleading "Layer Break ?" flag has been replaced by the more standard "Seamless Joint" flag. It's now a direct shortcut to the Seamless Joint flag in the cell type editor. Its value is the inverse of the old flag. Therefore, now, the new Seamless flag should theoretically be CLEAR at the LB position and always clear on the first cell of the PGC.
  • A. New function Domain -> Remap PGCs in domain, to reorder the PGCs of the current domain. The VM commands and the Next/Prev/GoUpPGCN links are automatically renumbered to preserve the navigation.
    You can preview the PGCs from within the GUI.
    Removed Menu -> Swap or Copy Menu PGC, since this function is now useless.
  • A. New function Title -> Re-order TTNs in domain, to renumber the TTNs of the current domain in increasing order. The VM commands are renumbered to preserve the navigation. This function might be needed to be able to delete the last PGC with Domain -> Delete last PGC in domain.
  • A. New function DVD -> Delete uncalled PGCs, to delete automatically (almost) all useless PGCs in the DVD. The navigation is preserved.
    Note: Since this function is potentially dangerous, use it with care!
  • A. Added the User's PGC Comment field in the PGC editor, to easily type it.
  • A. Pgc Editor -> Remove Cells: New "Shorten the chapter table if needed" option, to silently remove the chapters at the end of the chapter table when they are not assigned to an existing program any more after the operation. Use this option with care!
  • A. PgcEditor -> CellTimes.txt: It is now also possible to save the celltimes file in Womble MPEG Video Wizard .MLS format. A .MBS file can also be generated when necessary (when there are several VOB files in the domain.)
  • A. Removed Info -> Find Unused GPRMs and added Info -> GPRMs to open the new GPRM Labels Editor and to list the usage count of all GPRMs.
    The labels are displayed in the VM commands and the Command Editor exactly like for the SPRMs. The GPRM fields in the Command Editor are now replaced by a dropdown menu button. Right-clicking on a GPRM menu button calls also the GPRM Labels Editor. In Trace mode, added also Watch -> GPRM Labels.
    Clicking on a GPRM label in the Watch window calls also the Labels Editor.
    The GPRM labels are saved in the backup folder, with the User Comments, when the DVD is saved. The menus File -> "Import/Export/Clear user's PGC comments" has been moved to the "Comments and Labels" sub-menu.
  • A. Added File -> Recent DVDs submenu, with up to 25 entries. The invalid paths are removed from the list each time PgcEdit is started.
  • A. Added View -> Show Log and View -> Clear Log. Currently, only the Load DVD operation is logged, to help discover the origin of a problem when loading a DVD. All status bar messages are also logged.
    Clear Log clears the internal log buffer, but doesn't modify the contents of the Log viewer window. Opening or reopening a DVD clears also the log.
    Note: Double-clicking on the status bar opens also the log window.
  • A. Added the keyboard shortcut Control+A to call Domain Streams Attributes.
  • A. Trace: Added Log -> Log Filter -> PUOs Details to log each PUO separately.
  • E. Trace Watch Window: it is now possible to close any sub-window from the watch window, and to toggle the SPRM labels and the (new) GPRM labels.
    New Watch -> All menu to enable all sub-windows and labels at once.
  • E. DVD -> Remap Titlesets and Title -> Remap Title Numbers: Added a preview, available also in the new Domain -> Remap PGCs in domain function.
  • E. Jump To PGC Upon DVD Insert has been enhanced so that the target title and the resume target are no more blocked when they are entered directly from the exit domain with the player function to call a Title by its number.
  • E. Jump To PGC Upon DVD Insert: Also, the original VM commands are completely removed from the First-Play PGC whenever possible, to leave a chance to delete the skipped PGCs with the new Delete Uncalled PGCs function.
  • E. Kill PGC Playback on a menu with buttons (or BOVs) but with a non-infinite still time: added a "No Button!" button to kill playback without selecting a menu button to be simulated, to continue the navigation normally at the end of the playback. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION ON A LOOPING MENU, or you will probably create an endless loop!
  • E: Kill PGC Playback improved to avoid infinite loop in some circumstances.
  • E. Menu button viewer: When the user clicks on the big button to edit the command and the commands are identical in all groups (or there is only one group), the user is not prompted any more to modify the command in all groups. It is still possible to edit the commands independently when the original commands are different in each group, or with the menu editor.
  • E. Improved warning messages when there are several set of buttons in a menu.
  • E. The File menu, too big, has been reorganized with new sub-menus.
  • A. Added File -> Backups -> Undo last Incremental Backup to automatically return one step back in the backups. In some cases, you MUST use this function instead of restoring the files manually, or your DVD might be totally messed up. This function checks also for FixVTS and VobBlanker backups, and offer to restore them manually. Shortcut: Control+Alt+N
    The shortcut for New Incremental Backup has been modified: Control+N
  • E. Restore Backup (and Restore Last Incremental Backup): The VOB files in the backup folder can now be copied or moved back automatically.
  • E. Tools -> FixVTS: the FixVTSBackup folder is now renamed automatically when FixVTS is launched from the Tools menu, so that the new Undo Incremental Backup function works as expected when FixVTS has been used several times.
  • E. Save DVD: When there are modified buttons or BOVs, the confirmation dialog is no longer displayed. The buttons or BOVs are saved anyway.
  • E. Title Play Map table: The user can now modify the Not-One_Sequential_Title flags. Added also a button to compute automatically those flags, based on the characteristics of the titles (random, shuffle, more than one PGC...)
  • E. Not-one_sequential_title flag in VMG_TT_SRPT: Added checks in several functions to be sure that this flag does not need to be modified. Now, the not-one_sequential flag is modified automatically (or in some cases after a confirmation of the user) to match the Title characteristics.
    The affected functions are Edit PGC, Rebuild Time Map, Delete last PGC in Domain, etc... Thanks to Jsoto for the idea!
  • E. After deleting or blanking a PGC, the streams attributes of the domain are now checked, and the user is prompted to fix them if some streams are no longer needed.
  • E. Added Copy/Paste buttons in Domain Stream Attributes -> Audio type dialog.
  • E. Added error messages in the status bar when the user types illegal characters in an ISO639 Language Code field.
  • E. When the option to start PgcEdit in trace mode was on, the plugins were initialized only after the trace mode was closed by the user. Now, the plugins are loaded and initialized before the trace mode is started.
  • E. Improved method to load severely damaged IFO files. (Silent Hill zone 2)
  • E. Find BOVs has now a new option to do a deep scan (every 1 VOBU) when at least one BOV has been found during the first pass and the number of VOBUs to skip is greather than 1. When this option is on, it is now almost impossible to miss a BOV, even if the number of VOBUs to skip is high.
  • E. Info -> Menu Button Commands: Added the BOVs as well in the output.
    VOB cells without buttons or BOVs are not listed any more.
  • E. Info -> PGC (in title domain), and PCG Params and Cell Tables: Added the number of BOVs per cell in the output.
  • E. Miscellaneous little GUI enhancements. For example, it is now possible to switch the focus back and forth between the PGC selector pane and the cmd editor pane with the cursor left and right keys.
  • E. Uses Tcl/Tk 8.4.12 and freeWrap 6.2 for the wrapped version.
  • F. Open DVD: Crash occurring when a VTS without VTS_C_ADT table was read.
  • F. The Title number of a multi-pgc Title was not assigned to the right PGC when the entry PGC is not the first PGC of the TTN. (Very rare situation.)
  • F. The target PGC of the SetNVTMR command was ignored by the function to find the target of a command.
  • F. Fixed some video standard and frame rate mismatches when creating a new VMGM or VTSM menu or the FP-PGC.
  • F. Set DVD-Text General Name: Bug when there are more than 30 characters in the label and the VMG_TXTDT_MG table was not defined in the original DVD. This bug caused ImgBurn to ignore the label.
  • F. Trace: The PUOs Watch window was not refreshed after a Restore State.
  • F. Jump to Calling Command and Find Jumps to Nowhere GUI: The Refresh button did not work.

  • Update: Prohibited User Operations plugin v 1.4
    • v 1.3: It is now possible to selectively keep some PUOs when removing them from the VOB files.
    • v 1.4: Bugfix: A wrong error message was displayed in some rare cases, when the end of a VOB file is padded with null packs.
  • Update: Time Maps plugin v 1.1
    • Bugfix: The Verify Time Maps function crashed if it was called with no DVD loaded in PgcEdit.
  • Update: VOBU plugin v 1.1
    • Added the option to modify also the VTS_C_ADT table.
    • Added a way to select the sector number from the preview. (Requires PgcEdit v 7.5 and PgcEdit_Preview v 2.4)
    • Added the "Reset to full range" button to quickly restore the original cell boundaries.
  • New: Womble plugin v 1.0
    • Plugin to create .MBS and .MSL files for Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD.
      The .MBS files are necessary to open a VTST made of several VOB files in Womble.
      The .MSL files are the Womble chapters/bookmarks lists (similar to celltimes.txt, but more complex.)
      This plugin is useful only for the users of MPEG Video Wizard DVD.
  • New: XiRON plugin v 1.0
    • Plugin to fix and modify DVDs created by a XiRON DVD recorder.
      I wrote this plugin for me, to fix the numerous authoring errors of my cheap and very bad XiRON RW3HDD 80GB recorder.
      I will probably NOT continue to develop it, and I provide no support for this plugin. Use it at your own risk!
      This plugin is useless if you are not un unlucky owner of a XiRON recorder.

Third-party guides
PgcEdit homepage (hosted by VideoHelp)
Unofficial mirror (in Poland)

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Lord of Digital Video
Lord of Digital Video
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For ppl interested in the history of PgcEdit or in the old discussions, the original thread (about PgcEdit v0.1 to 7.4) is here.
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Thanks, was waiting for it
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Super Member
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Yes! Thank you heaps.
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Not a god of digital video
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Biggest changelog I ever saw!

Fantastic work - thanks r0lZ


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Media and Burning - [Golden Rules of Burning] [Media quality] [Fix your DMA] [Update your Firmware] [What's my Media ID Code?] [How to test your disc]
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You should only use genuine Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media. Many thanks to for their supply and great service.

Explore the sites and the programs - there's a gold mine of information in them

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nice work, thanks r0lZ!
"What were the things in Gremlins called?" - Karl Pilkington

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Just Trying To Help
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Default Wow!


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cheers nice one been waiting for this one tnx
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Super Member
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This makes my day. Thanks rOLZ.
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Super Member
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Thanks again r0lZ...

I had a hard finding it tho.


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Gold Member
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Thanks a million r0lZ
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Lord of Digital Video
Lord of Digital Video
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Thank you r0lZ!

I used delete uncalled PGCs on Saw3 and it deleted 84 VTSs!

This made the rip very clean (after some more blanking)!
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Lord of Digital Video
Lord of Digital Video
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Gary, have you noticed that it delete also 2 called PGCs in each menu (except in the main menu VTS)? It replaces the first two pre-commands of the Root menus by NOPs, as those commands lead to blank PGCs. If they are executed, the navigation stops! Therefore, I've added a way to get rid of them.
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Not a god of digital video
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That is very smart, r0lZ. Those authoring remnants, recently discussed (with linx05 I think) on Doom9, annoy me too.

Well done.

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