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Old 12 Oct 2002, 04:25 PM   #1
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Default problems starting 1st half of a split movie

I'm trying to split Vanilla Sky on to 2 discs, but I cannot get the first disc to work. Prassi Primo dvd would not burn it either until I turned off the option to varify the correct structure for the VIDEO_TS folder, but it still did not work on my set top The second disc works perfectly, but I used IFO EDIT to create new IFOs from the existing IFOs because I didn't want the menu or any other stuff on disc 2- just the movie to play straigt away. Here is what I've done so far:

First I used Smart Ripper and ripped the movie- created 2 directories and ripped one half of the chapters into one and the other half into the other. I had previously used IFO EDIT to figure out what titles I need to keep in order to have the original menu and make the dvd playable on a set top player. So I manually copied the necessary titles or VTS files into the disc 1 directory that were required (VTS_01_XXX , VTS_02_XXX , and VTS_03_XXX were the titles that needed to be kept) If it matters, VTS_02_XXX is the title the movie resides in.

Next, I used IFO EDIT again, opened the VTS_02_XXX IFo and under VOB EXTRAS I told it to Correct the VOB navigation packs, correct the IFO tables, Remove P-UOPs, Adjust VOB unit pointers, and Adjust Audio/SubP point. I clicked OK and it did it's thing. After it finished, I saved and reopened the IFOs. Then clicked GET VTS SECTORS. The result will play in POWER DVD perfectly as the original, but it will not burn (or atleast without cheating) with Prassi or work in a set top. Any Ideas anyone?
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Old 6 Nov 2002, 04:01 PM   #2
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keeping original menu is very painful
sometimes it seems reference some other files

i don`t know about this movie

but try this method

first try to include all extra files if possible
(including ,VTS_02_0.VOB)
and check if there are some program chains missing in your main coppied VOB files(using ifoedit or smart ripper or any)

if the menu reference some program chains which (can be usually in the first or last part of movie)

rip the missing parts using smartripper
or vstrip (but don`t use ifoedit)

merge the vob files depending on the
position (first part goes first , last to last)
and split into 0.99 giga byte (1073709056bytes)
(using dvtool or any merge/split tools)

and use ifoedit with the original VTS_02_0.IFO
do the samething as you did

test with ifoedit DVDplay option
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Old 10 Nov 2002, 11:29 AM   #3
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I succesfully ripped and burnt Vanilla sky on two disc.
It just so time consuming to do two dics.
The latest IFOedit has an option for you to check for the software to create sub menu (Disc 1 and disc 2)

Rip the movie
Split to two disc with IFOedit.
IFOedit will automatically hightlight the Layer swith part. Just choose that spot
You cannot burn the disc right away because there's two missing files I believe the Video.ifo and audio.ifo are missing.
This is what you do
Create two more folders on your desktop
I normally name it to be burnt 1 and to be burnt 2
Run IFOedit again this time use the IFO ripped file from DISC 1 and use strip stream and point it to to be burnt 1 folder
Toward the end you'll get an error but click yes anyway.
Do the same on disc two files.
Now both files should be ok to burn
You will only get the movie only this way . No menu, no extra, no FBI warning.
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