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Default tmpeg +ifo edit reencode problem

please help! i have looked through other posts but they have not helped
i am trying to reencode gladiator (PAL)to fit on a single dvd-r using tmpegenc and ifo edit.

have not burnt it. i am playing from hard disk, which plays dvd mpeg2 fine (ata100 7200rpm)

the problem i have is that when i try and play it back the video occasionally pauses (for less than a second) and then jumps a few frames forward (probably by the same amount, as the audio keeps playing and the video gets back into sync with it)

this happens regularly throughout the film.(about every ten seconds)

the image quality is perfect and the file size is correct.

i think my bitrate calcs are fine as video is good quality and file size is 4.3gb.

there is no problem with the ac3 audio and the video does keep in sync, when it is not jumping around!

this is how i encoded it: -

i ripped the movie
removed unwanted streams with ifo edit
recreated video_ts.ifo and vts_01_1.ifo with ifo edit
corrected vts sectors
created TmpgTemplate.txt (selected I FRAMES)
Used DVD2AVI to make a d2v file
loaded d2v into tmpegenc
set to pal 25 frames with correct res ect.
used 2pass vbr (with bit rate set with calculations from dvd-r calc)
set to force frames and loaded the tmpgtemplate.txt
created m2v file
remuxed using ifo edit

any ideas whats causing this, am i doing something wrong?

my hardware:-
athlon xp 1800+
512mb ram

thanks in advance
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