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Default Latest Denuvo Protection for 'Injustice 2' Cracked

The latest version of the controversial anti-tampering system, Denuvo, has been cracked by prolific cracker Voksi.

Having previously uploaded a YouTube tutorial on how to crack an earlier version of Denuvo, something that rarely happens in the cracking scene, Voksi has made news again with the announcement that the Denuvo protected games 'Puyo Puyo Tetris' and 'Injustice 2' has been cracked.

More impressive is the fact that these games have been protected by the latest version of Denuvo, dubbed v4.9++, and the cracking of which was not expected so soon.

While Voksi has not revealed detailed information regarding just how the games were cracked, he did reveal some technical details which suggests just how bloated Denuvo has become in its ongoing attempt to beat the game crackers.

Speaking to TorrentFreak and of the game 'Puyo Puyo Tetris', Voksi says "The game executable is 128MB big, of which just 5-6MB is the real game code. The rest of it is Denuvo. It's the most bloated Denuvo I've ever seen."

Once 'Puyo Puyo Tetris' was cracked, it was time to test his new technique on another game. Voksi chose 'Injustice 2' for his next target, and not too long later, it was cracked too.

"I cracked it the same way I cracked Puyo Puyo Tetris. I donít want to get too technical, because I donít want to give away my techniques, but I can say itís not an easy task," said Voksi.

And Voksi, whose real identify remains a mystery, vows to continue the fight against Denuvo, something that has become a personal grudge for the cracker.

"In the end, it might take some more testing and test cracks, but I'm very happy to announce that I won't stop until we are Denuvo Cancer Free from all games," explained Voksi.

[via TorrentFreak]
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