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admin 6 Nov 2007 02:36 PM

Macrovision plugs gaping hole in DRM software

Macrovision has shipped a fix for a gaping hole in its SafeDisc (secdrv.sys) copy protection software, belatedly blocking an in-the-wild malware attack.

The Macrovision patch (.zip file) comes a full 20 days after researchers at Symantec spotted a zero-day attack exploiting this vulnerability.

drfsupercenter 7 Nov 2007 01:12 AM

Macrovision protection on what? DVDs or something?

admin 7 Nov 2007 02:35 AM

It's for software (games, specifically).

drfsupercenter 7 Nov 2007 04:12 AM


Since I don't have many recent games, I've never come across anything like that.

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