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admin 7 Dec 2010 03:00 PM

US Copyright Group Drops 97% Of 'Far Cry' Piracy Cases
The US Copyright Group has been dealt a big blow, with the copyright law firm dropping 97% of those listed originally in their 'Far Cry' lawsuit, due to lack of jurisdiction issues.

Out of the original 4577 defendants as part of the 'Far Cry' lawsuit in the District of Columbia, only 140 now remain.

However, those original sued may not be out of danger yet, as the USCG can file in these users' home jurisdictions. It just means that the USCG will have to do more work, and determine just where users are located before they can go ahead with their mass lawsuit. But with so many parallel lawsuits in so many locations, the USCG may have to re-evaluate their return on investment.


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