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Junior Member
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Question DivX 3.x or 4.x or 5.x ?

Hello guys !!!!

This is RASH. I have been encoding a lot of DivX movies and I have tried all the versions of DivX ( 3.11 alpha, 4.12 and even 5.0 ). But somehow I feel that DivX ver. 3.11 alpha has the best video quality. DivX movies encoded in DivX 4.12 and even 5.0 appear a bit rough and grainy.

Has anyone of u experienced the same problem ? Or is it that I'm making some probelm with the settings ? I use FlaskMPEG and / or XMPEG 4.2a for encoding my movies. DivX 3.11 Alpha gives me DVD quality video @ 720 x 480 res. and 1575 bitrate and YUV12 in XMPEG. But the same settings with DivX 4.x or 5.0 gives a rough and grainy picture. Please tell me why this is happening.
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Old 7 Mar 2002, 11:34 PM   #2
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Were those encodes done using 2-pass? I know you did only 1-pass for 3.11 (coz' Flask does not support 2-pass for 3.11).

Anyway, I'm not saying you're wrong, but you're not quite right either. All the codecs give excellent results, assuming the encodes done properly. As for your settings, I think you should lower your resolution (say, 640x480, 512x384 or 480x360) because large resolutions make it difficult for older computers to play, including most sub-1GHz systems. This is not a good thing if you intend to distribute the video to many others.

As a final note, I'm for Nandub (and hence 3.11) all the way. I have done encodes using 3.11 and 4.x (2-pass of course). While both codecs give excellent and satisfactory results, I've always liked 3.11 for its stronger and sharper colours on my display (Anyone else feels the same?). Also, Nandub offers a plethora of quality control options, which is always a good thing.
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Old 8 Mar 2002, 02:41 AM   #3
Digital Video Specialist
Digital Video Specialist
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M$MPEG4V2 is the original codec and DivX3.11a is very close to it. If you can only choose between DivX3.11a in single-pass and DivX4.xx/5 in two-pass you should use DivX4.xx/5 because two-pass-mode can give better quality on low bitrates. Best way would be using nandub with DivX3.11/M$MPEG4V2. Nandub has a build-in two-pass-mode.
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Digital Video Master
Digital Video Master
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DEFENETLY GO FOR 3.11alpha, no doubt about it!

I love Fast motion (personal fav) cause I make REALLY REALLY high quality captured stuff and then to fast motion after some editing and does not lose detail and low file size!!!!

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