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Unhappy Joining smoothly...

I've got a problem...its ticking me off. Wondering if anybody could help?!

I ripped a DVD (Windtalkers) with smart ripper but FlaskMPEG didn't recognise the .ifo file and I couldn't open it up from there. So what I did instead is converted all 6 of the vob files into avi segments. Now everything's quite ok. I just need to find out how to join them all together SMOOTHLY.

I've used Virtual Dub's appending avi segments options...but the video freezes for a second at the point of joining while the audio keeps on running...i don't know what to do ! Is there any program which can join really really well??? Or is FlaskMPEG screwing up with my .ifo file (I've never had a problem with it before) (oh by the way, I'm running Flask 0.6)?

Somebody help me!!!!!

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Default Re: Joining smoothly...

Originally posted by oobadeedee

So what I did instead is converted all 6 of the vob files into avi segments.
This is a horrible way to rip a movie, you are lucky to even get this far. And I seriously doubt you will ever be able to get proper audio sync throughout the movie when you do it this way.

I'am pretty sure, that flask 0.6 with either the thunder.mism plugin, or the subtitles fix will load the entire chain of vob files when you load the first one.
Otherwise you could also use flask 0.59, or GordianKnot.

Oh and one final thing, it's not flask that messes up the ifo file, it's smartripper that alters the vob files, you may get around this by using backup mode in SmartRipper.
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"So what I did instead is converted all 6 of the vob files into avi segments."

Instead of doing this, in Flask, select the first .VOB of the sequence of movie .VOBs. It will automatically chain them.

(You probably selected only one angle of a multi-angle video when you ripped with SmartRipper. Doing so fouls up the trail of information established in the .IFO files - and therefore Flask is unable to "Open DVD" based on the .IFO information)
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VirtualDub usually can append each part properly, unfortunately with the newer Divx encoder (4 or above) using one of the special features (I think tis the Bi-Motion thingy), it uses a frame or so from before and so it doesnt append it properly cause it tries to use the frame before but it also has different information.

I hope this make sense. If you do use Thunder.misc, make sure if Smartripper you use the default name otherwise it doesnt automaytically append VOB files while flaskling.
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