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Default Optimal VHS capture size for xVid

I have read a lot from this subject I have got to the next conclusions:

- There are people that says that the resolution of VHS tape is 352x288, but this is not exactly cause de VHS have two fields interlaced. So you must capture at 576 vertical resolution to get both fields.
- And a lot of people claims that there are extra information beyond 352 horizontal resolution, so it might be wise to capture at higher resolution (better safe than sorry: so it would be 768), and then resize to final output.
- The VHS tapes (almost the ones not recorded from TV) have junk at the bottom of the image, at 576 vertical resolution they are approximately 15 pixels, so you have to crop them. 576 - 15 = 560

Then we hace 768x560, now is time to do the resizing...
But there comes another problem, the bigger the size, the bigger will be the blocks of xvid cause of it will have more data to process to fit same the file size (2 hour in 2 cds)

I think 352x480 looks like an acceptable resolution (CVD resolution) but the problem is that the player must support resizing for playing it correctly.

Opinions are welcome

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About player: I think any player will play the specific resolution normally, if you mean resize image only in X asis or Y asis, even by one pixcel, Bsplayer has that functions.
About resolutoions: Xvid is very good codec. If you use 2-pass processing with even default settings, it can compress a 2-hour movie of 768x576 one only ONE cd with extremely high quality(just look at xvid rips in kazaa/edonkey/emuel) But maybe you are talking about compesing in xvid in real-time . This is something different and Xvid codec, as soon as any other mpeg-4 codec is not so sutable for this action. You better compress to Huffyuv (not sure how to write it.sorry ) or indeo video 5 (which is built in in windows) And then recompress to xvid with desired settings.
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