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Old 27 Jun 2005, 09:49 AM   #1
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Post-2 Philips Dvp 642 Divx Limitations

I have been expeimenting with alot of media lately pertaining mainly to DIVX and XVID and have found several limitations.I'm curious what other peoples results have been so I thought I would start this thread and we can share information with one another.

Video - I have found that it is particular to being in avi format.Whenever I try to play an actual Divx file it either stops real early or it will skip very badly.It likes to be in avi format wich all I can tell is puting the file into avi format compresses it to almost half the size.

Audio - It likes lame mp3 alot.Never had a problem with it.It doesnt like pcm at all and i even tried to set the preference in the menu to pcm only and no sound at all.

All around good player but it has its limitations.Whats everyone elses experience with this particular DVD Player?
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Old 28 Jun 2005, 11:22 AM   #2
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".AVI" is merely a "container" for uncompressed, DivX-compressed and Xvid-compressed video formats.

One of my players is a Philips DVP-642 - and it handles all of my DivX 3.11alpha-compressed .AVIs with Constant Bitrate ("CBR") .MP3 audio flawlessly.

The documentation states that it will not properly process XviD-compressed .AVIs that use "QPEL" (quarter pixels)...

If you have more questions, always feel free to ask them...

Some people can't see the forest for the trees. Most times, simple is better;>}

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Old 22 Jul 2005, 08:51 AM   #3
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Check my posting in the newbe section, there is a link to a site showing how to convert different formats to Divx, I used DIvx 5 in home theater mode and auto GK and they play fine in my Philps player. The Divx codec came with the latest Divx free player I installed, there should be a note in the back of your manual saying what codec your player will read.

ALso get G-Spot an open your files with it to find exactly what codec has been used to create the Avi.
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Old 4 Aug 2005, 05:37 AM   #4
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I used DVD Decrypter to rip some DVD files to my hard drive (not copyrighted ones). I used AutoGK to convert them to AVIs. But i want all of the files on a VCD, but the Avi2DVD program can only take one file. I can merge them all in wmv format, but then they're not avi's! What software can i use to either merge the avi's, convert the wmv to an avi, or somehow burn them to a vcd?
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Old 4 Aug 2005, 06:53 AM   #5
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As long as the .AVI files have identical video and audio formats and rates, you can use VirtualDub or VirtualDubMOD to join them into one .AVI.

Load the first file and then, from the "File" dropdown menu select "Append .AVI segment" and load the second file.
Set BOTH "Video" and "Audio" to "Direct Stream Copy"
Save with a new filename
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Lord of Digital Video
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I love virtualdub. another program "filemerger" is neat cause it will merge avi's or mpeg's.
qpel and or gmc's the philips doesn't like.
another good program for modifying avi's that won't play in the philips is "mpeg4modifier".
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