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Default Recording TV shows in DivX w/ a tuner card

I just got a TV Tuner card and one of the features of the software is that I can record the shows using any codec I have on my computer. Does anyone with some good encoding experience have any recomendations as well as settings? I'm pretty new with encoding but not with computers so you don't need to write everything out step by step.

Basically I'm looking for a good size to quality ratio. Since it's from a tv tuner card and not DVD, the quality doesn't start out amazing and it doesn't really need to stay too great either. VHS quality would be pretty good. My computer is pretty fast and so is my HDD so don't worry about that either. Thanks a lot for the help guys !
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If you have sufficient hard drive space it is best to capture in uncompressed video (or lossless, such as Huffy) in .AVI format and uncompressed PCM (.WAV) audio. Then load the captured file into VirtualDub and compress with the DivX codec for video and an MP3 codec (Radium, etc.) for audio.

Let us know of your success ;>}
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i use mpeg4v2 or divx 3 low motion

when u dont wanna cut anything u could directly record with 900 kb or so, because u dont have to do reencoding

when u wanna cut something at special frames, use double bitrate, and reencode when cut
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Old 27 Mar 2002, 07:40 AM   #4
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i always encode in no compression or with an verry high bitrate but maybe some body know's why al the tv card i bought (not expensive cards) have ****ing lines i got some cable between the incoming cable and my card but on my tv i get an great picture
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Old 1 Apr 2002, 06:49 AM   #5
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exactly, use these settings:

CD quality audio

Always does the trick for me

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Old 2 Apr 2002, 03:55 PM   #6
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when I was experimenting with capturing video (before my roomate tripped over the wire and broke the coaxial input off of my tuner card ) I used Virtual Dub to capture. with PCM audio (46100 Hz) with an FPS of 29.97 and not that many settings with my DivX 5.0 since the capture HAS to be in real time and the less things the CPU has to process, the better the quality (especially on long movies). After the capture was saved on my computer, I compressed the audio (usually 128 Kb/s Mp3) and then converted that to VCD compliancy. Seemed to work pretty good for me. Try it out. Hope that helps!

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