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Default UncasMS : Why do you prefer vob2audio in your guide ?

Hi UncasMS.

I have been using your guide for half a year now and in fact, all the DVDs I have ripped (around 80 ) were done following your guide and the outcome was EXCELLENT (actually I recommended the guide to some of my friends too...)

However, as I am trying to find ways to make my DVD-rips even better, I am wondering why you have chosen vob2audio as the tool to create the WAV file out of the vobs.

Most people have been using Besweet for that purpose and I am just wondering why ? If Azid\BeSweet is actually the best option out there, why do you recommend vob2audio in your guide ?

I am not interested in using BeSweet to create the mp3 file, however I am thinking of using Azid (a part of BeSweet) to create the WAV out of the AC3 file, which will be created using DVD2AVI.

Can you please comment on my thoughts ? Is vob2audio better (qualitywise) than Azid ?

I have no intention to judge your recommendation whatsoever, I am just curious how come you insist on using vob2audio ? Or is it just that you don't have time to update your guide ?

Thanks in advance.
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i prefer the dynamic compression which vob2audio uses.

all in all it is a matter of taste.

i like my soundstreams powerful and loud enough.

i use besweet as well, but in besweet i have to use many more parameters (dynamic compression in azid; gain, autogain, postgain in besweet) and every once in a while i have to change those settings because the output file does NOT sound apropriate.

when i use vob2audio, there is absolutely nothing that goes wrong or sounds bad in the end.

thus, the final soundstream is how i like it to be and i can rely on the routine.

reason enough for me to use it whenever possible.

but simply compare and judge for yourself what you like best.

i'm trying to show and by doing so help others to manage the task of conversion.

i'm not claiming routine ABC is the best and XYZ is total nonsens (apart from flask, of course, which is crap ).

make up you own mind.
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Old 25 Nov 2002, 04:58 AM   #3
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Junior Member
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You are probably right. I did some very extensive tests on both vob2audio and Azid and I have found out that Azid produces tracks which have extremely low-volume compared to vob2audio. Even after Normalizing the Azid WAVs to 100% (0 dB) their volume is *WAY* lower than the WAV produced by vob2audio.

In most cases this is an advantage, however when the DVD audio has much noise in the first place, vob2audio makes noise much more loud and noticable.

However I think I'll stick with vob2audio, cause the "noisy" DVDs are not that many.
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