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Post VHS to DIVX - File sizes and Quality Issues

Hi all,
I've tried to find some info on this in the forum but nothing answers my question directly.

I, like many, want to convert my VHS library to a digital format. I was going to go to VCD (I have a realtime MPG cap card). My main aim is not so much to go to a removable media (eg VCD, DVD) rather, I'd be happy to just play straight from the PCs HDD (I have a MPG decoder card and therefore can view on a TV).

If I go to Divx I can theoretically save much space over MPG1 or 2 (I'll have to get a hardware Divx decoder card but I have one in my sights already...).

I have done some compression tests and I have some questions:

1. The programs I am wanting to convert are basically half hour long. In MPG1 format that is about 250Mb. Divx seems to claim a ~90% compression of DVD (eg compress a MPG2 DVD down to a 10th ot 11th of the original size - correct me if I am wrong here...) So I should be able to get my MPG1 down to 25Mb??? unless there is a minimum size. Using a 1pass encode I got a 250Mb MPG1 down to about 110Mb (at 600kps) but Of course I want to go lower... The quality is acceptable at this rate but I can't see how a DVD movie compressed to 10% can look any good based on my results.
I have just found out how to properly do the multipass so I'll try that later tonight...

2. I also realise now that it is better to do the divx compression on an uncompressed video file - which is going to be any option for me in a few days when I get a new 2.4G PC and MiniDV camcorder which will act as an analogue to DV convertor - then I can use VDub to do DV to Divx. Still... what should I be expecting? - can I get 30minutes of video into 25 - 30Mb which Divx (assuming use of DV format say)?

I'd appreciate any assistance anyone can provide. I have over 1000hours of video that I'd love to archive in divx format if it's small enough..


I am thnking of going to a Divx Decoder card to view Divx
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compressing some 6000/7000mb of vob files on a dvd down to 700mb is possible and works with divx.

you cannot, however, compare an 250mb mpeg1 file to the source material VOB!

your mpeg1 is a compressed format already.

60-120 MINUTES could be (heavily depends on the source) compressed down on one cd - i.e. 700mb - but dont expect a ratio of 1minute=1mb to provide you with any decent quality!

1minute=5-10mb will be more realistic if you ever plan to enjoy those films!
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