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Default Virutaldub Problems (crashes %80 of the time)

I was just wondering how I can fix the following problem...

Some reason whenever I try to encode anything while using Gknot and Virtualdub I seem to get this error all the time after almost completing a compressibility check:

VirtualDub crash report -- build 1852

0040bf40: add [eax],al
0040bf42: mov edx,[ebp+32]
0040bf45: lea edi,[esi*8+00000000]
0040bf4c: xor ecx,ecx
0040bf4e: add edi,edx
0040bf50: mov edx,[ebp+36]
0040bf53: adc ecx,edx
0040bf55: add edi,00000020
0040bf58: cdq
0040bf59: adc ecx,00000000
0040bf5c: cmp ecx,edx
0040bf5e: jl 40bf74
0040bf60: jg 40bf66
0040bf62: cmp edi,eax
0040bf64: jbe 40bf74
0040bf66: mov ecx,ebp
0040bf68: call 40ba80
0040bf6d: mov ecx,ebp
0040bf6f: call 40bb20
0040bf74: mov eax,[esp+00000248]
0040bf7b: mov ecx,[ebp+24]
0040bf7e: mov edx,[ebp+28]
0040bf81: mov [eax],ecx
0040bf83: lea ecx,[esi*8+00000020]
0040bf8a: mov [eax+8],ecx
0040bf8d: mov ecx,[esp+0000025c]
0040bf94: test ecx,ecx
0040bf96: mov [eax+4],edx
0040bf99: jz 40bfe1
0040bf9b: xor ecx,ecx
0040bf9d: xor edi,edi
0040bf9f: test esi,esi
0040bfa1: jle 40bfc5
0040bfa3: mov eax,[ebx+12]
0040bfa6: and eax,7fffffff
0040bfab: cdq
0040bfac: mov [esp+32],edx
0040bfb0: mov [esp+28],eax
0040bfb4: mov edx,esi
0040bfb6: mov eax,[esp+28]
0040bfba: add ecx,eax
0040bfbc: mov eax,[esp+32]
0040bfc0: adc edi,eax
0040bfc2: dec edx
0040bfc3: jnz 40bfb6
0040bfc5: mov eax,[ebp+8]
0040bfc8: push 00
0040bfca: mov edx,[eax+60] <-- FAULT
0040bfcd: push edx
0040bfce: push edi
0040bfcf: push ecx
0040bfd0: call 488fe0
0040bfd5: mov ecx,[esp+00000248]
0040bfdc: mov [ecx+12],eax
0040bfdf: jmp 40bfe4
0040bfe1: mov [eax+12],esi
0040bfe4: mov eax,[esp+00000258]
0040bfeb: lea ecx,[esi*8+00000018]
0040bff2: mov edx,eax
0040bff4: mov [esp+52],eax
0040bff8: mov eax,[ebx+4]
0040bffb: mov [esp+40],ecx
0040bfff: shl edx,10
0040c002: or edx,00007869
0040c008: mov [esp+60],eax
0040c00c: mov [esp+36],edx
0040c010: mov edx,[esp+20]
0040c014: lea eax,[esp+36]
0040c018: push 20
0040c01a: push eax
0040c01b: mov ecx,ebp
0040c01d: mov dword ptr[esp+52],0002
0040c024: mov byte ptr [esp+54],00
0040c029: mov byte ptr [esp+55],01
0040c02e: mov [esp+56],esi
0040c032: mov [esp+64],edx
0040c036: mov dword ptr[esp+72],00000000
0040c03e: call 40c0c0

Windows 5.1 (Win2000 build 2600) [Service Pack 1]

EAX = 00000000
EBX = 02d81c10
ECX = 52800000
EDX = 00000000
EBP = 003993d0
DS:ESI = 0023:00000c00
ES:EDI = 0023:00000000
SS:ESP = 0023:033bc438
CS:EIP = 001b:0040bfca
FS = 0038
GS = 0000
EFLAGS = 00010246

MM0 = 0000000000000000
MM1 = 0000000000000000
MM2 = 00282b7000181a10
MM3 = 000030f8000030f8
MM4 = 0028ef500018acf8
MM5 = ffff0000ffff0000
MM6 = 0000200000002000
MM7 = 0000000000000000
Crash reason: Access Violation

Thread 00000524 (Main thread)
D:\dvdrip\Archiv\NanoDub\Sources\nandub\Init.cpp(1 21)
D:\dvdrip\Archiv\NanoDub\Sources\nandub\Init.cpp(1 40)
D:\dvdrip\Archiv\NanoDub\Sources\nandub\Init.cpp(1 58)
D:\dvdrip\Archiv\NanoDub\Sources\nandub\FilterSyst em.cpp(408)
Thread 000005f8 (FastWriteStream)
Thread 000004fc (I/O processing)

Wrong NANDUB.DBG file (build 1853)

-- End of report

This problem happens about %80 of the time when trying to encode a DVD that I own to DivX format.

Thank you in advance for the help,

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