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Default Magic DVD Ripper - rips half of the episodes

Hi. I've been using Magic DVD Ripper for many months now, but just now came across an odd problem. I'm running v5.2.1 on Windows XP on a MacBook Pro (I have WinXP installed on my Mac via BootCamp).

My goal:
to rip ONLY the episodes/main-movie from film and tv-show DVDs in ORIGINAL MPEG-2 quality (i.e., no menus, no VOBs, no AVIs, etc.)

Steps I take:
(1) When using MDR, I go to the CONVERT option (as opposed to the BACKUP option).
(2) In the left side, under SOURCE, I select the desired DVD.
(3) In the left side, under DESTINATION, I select DESKTOP. I always make sure the Required Space is LESS THAN the Free Space.
(4) In the right side, under INPUT-Title, I select the "multiple titles to convert" button (looks like 2 white sheets of paper). A new window pops up, in which I select the titles I want (usually the 22:00 minute titles). The titles are highlighted green, and I then click OK. I then automatically go back to the first window.
(5) In the right side, under INPUT, I leave the Audio, Angle, and Subtitle options alone (after doing step-4 above, these options cannot be used, so I just ignore them).
(6) In the right side, under OUTPUT-Profile, I select ORIGINAL MPEG2.
(7) In the right side, under OUTPUT-Split Mode, I select INFINITE.
(8) In the right side, under OUTPUT-File name, I leave it alone.
(9) I then hit START.

As stated in step-4, I have selected episodes that are about 22-minutes long. However, when they have finished ripping, I play them in VLC and find that they are about 11 minutes long. I take the steps EXACTLY as listed above (steps 1-9). Has anyone else dealt with this? This has happened on several DVDs (by several different manufactureres/distributors/comanies).

Further, to make things more odd, when scanning through the content (i.e., fast forwarding with VLC), I see that the very beginning of the episode is there, as well as the ending. That means that somewhere in the middle, an 11-minute chunk has gone missing.

Any ideas?

PS, I've also used v4.3.1 on this same computer, and suffered the same problems as above.
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As stated in my opening post, the duration of the episodes were about 11-minutes, whereas MDR displayed them as about 22-minutes. I noticed this when opening with VLC. In the bottom right corner of VLC, you can always see the time-duration of the file you're playing. In my case, the duration was 11-minutes. But I then noticed that when playing in VLC, each second was taking a lot longer than 1-second to pass. I then tried playing in Windows Media Player (which I should have done before I even posted a message) and found that the duration was full. Thus, for some reason, VLC was displaying the clock improperly. All the content is there, and the problem is solved.
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