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Default MPEG2 Transport Stream audio sync problem

Hi all,

I've been assigned a new job at work that contains transport stream conversions for a system that will be in use in some hotel.
The resulting file must be in an .mpg container and not in a .ts
I've been given a strict specification:
I noticed that setting the output file type to transport stream set a lot a things in TMGEnc as the specs requires.
My method I've been trying is the following (and results in audio sync error when tested over the streaming server to the set top boxes however VLC is just playing it fine on any PC):

-Rip VOB with Decrypter
-Using TMGPENC Express 4 and the following settings:
PAL, 4:3
output: mpeg2 transport stream
stream format: mpeg2 video
framerate: 25fps
CBR at 4500kbs
VBV buffer: 224
display mode: interlace

The specification says both 44100 and 48000 hz are good. (but with both settings I get the same sync problem)
channel mode: stereo
192 kbs

closed GOP is checked

mpeg standard or default matrix type (tried both)

I tired to demux my VOBs with tsMuxerGUI and use the resulted mpv and mp2 files in TMPGenc yet bumped into the same problem.

I tried to use the audio delay I see in TSmuxer/IFO files and then slide the audio with that value in TMPGenc but nothing.
I also learned that changing hz in audio streams and converting ac3 5.1 to mp2 stereo may cause delay...
The movies stream from the server to an IBM Power PC based set top box, and this is where my audio is late from the picture.
I'm stuck. Has someone experienced the same? Any suggestions on what should I try? I'm a rookie by the way. Thanks.
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What's wrong with the VOBs as they were? After ripping, see the properties in GSpot. If they match your spec, then simply change the extension from VOB to MPG (you might like to rip as a single VOB instead of 1Gb chunks, but if not, the DOS copy/b command can join them).

However, given your bitrate constraints, you may need to re-encode the video and audio. This can be done with HCEnc using CBR of say 4Mb (but note CBR is inefficient) and transcoding 5.1 audio to MP2 2.0 using BeSweet.

I am assuming the original DVD is PAL.

However, given this is a commercial project, you might consider the use of Procoder, which can do all of this in one - TMPGEnc is rubbish IMHO. Again, work from the VOBs and set it to DVD Mastering Quality.

Oh! One thing I should caution you and your client about. Your production house and its client may be liable to the studios and the government regarding decrypting copyrighted material. In reality, the client should enquire from the studio about any "hotel version" which meets its criteria.


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Media and Burning - [Golden Rules of Burning] [Media quality] [Fix your DMA] [Update your Firmware] [What's my Media ID Code?] [How to test your disc]
[What's bitsetting?] [Burn dual layer disks safely] [Why not to burn with Ner0] [Interpret Ner0's burn errors] [Got bad playback?] [Burner/Media compatibility]

Cool Techniques - [2COOL's guides] [Clean your DVD] [Join a flipper] [Split into 2 DVDs] [Save heaps of Mb] [How to mock strip] [Cool Insert Clips]

Real useful info - [FAQ INDEX] [Compression explained] [Logical Remapping of Enabled Streams] [DVD-Replica] [Fantastic info on DVDs]

You should only use genuine Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media. Many thanks to for their supply and great service.

Explore the sites and the programs - there's a gold mine of information in them

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Thanks blutach!

I work for a movie distribution company. We obtain theatre, DVD, and VOD release rights from different contents owners. (Our last Aussie title was Candy if I remember right...) If we have additional rights to certain titles we resell them to TV channels, VOD platforms, and in this current case to a hotel. We also run a streaming VOD website, and all of our conversions (from beta, digitbeta, DVD) are made in-house on PCs and servers. Conversions from HD sources like HD CAM are made by an other company)..So everything is legal.

I'm aware that CBR is worse then VBR but as you can see in the specs CBR is required. I'll give a go with HCEnc, and BeSweet(tried that) and remux them into a mpg.

Is the resulted mpg will act like an mpep2 transport stream??

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Old 22 Oct 2008, 10:55 PM   #4
Not a god of digital video
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I think your greatest issue with the specs is the TS stuff. 188 byte packets are not DVD/MPEG2 standard, for example.

Be aware that HCEnc requires YV12 colourspace input for DVD.

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