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Old 29 Mar 2003, 03:14 AM   #1
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Default MicroDVD Player Menu!!!

I've spent litterally months on my Crouching Tiger menu, I'll never do one again!!

Trouble is..

Im aiming to get a second language functioning, the first cd seems fine, the software only complains when the additional language is selected and the chapters on the second cd are accessed.

I currently have one compressed wav file on cd1 with the whole audio stream for the language, i.e not half on cd1, half on cd2.

Should I split the wav file in the same place as the movie file??
Anyone know?


Wouldn't mind burning it this year!!
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Old 2 Apr 2003, 06:24 AM   #2
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You don't need to split the file. As long as you label it DISC 1 or DISC2 and tell it how many frames are in each disc, MicroDVD will figure it out. As far as using 2nd audio tracks, I don't have the 2nd track as a wave, I convert it to an MP2. I've tried MP3's and it sucks so I just use MP2's. They work fine and are smaller than waves.
What problems are you having with the menu making?
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Old 19 Apr 2003, 11:15 AM   #3
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Junior Member
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Thanks loads for the response! My menu works a treat, its just the problem with the second audio track.

The whole of the 'english.wav' (MP3 converted in VirtualDub!) is on CD1 in ..\Language folder.

I'm using this autorun.inf file on each cd..

Open=MDVDP.EXE /AutoPlayCD

I've set the properties in MDVD to look for a second CD and the pri/sec drives are set as h: and i: .. I presume this is all that is needed!

The sets of files in the root of the CD are the same (bar the slight alteration in MDVD.ini on CD2 which reads 'CDNumber = 2')

The 'ID' is the same on both .ini files etc..

My .ini is below, bar the chapters and pages!

I'm racking my brains for ideas... Do I have to put empty folders on the 2nd cd? 'Language' etc? hum.. Would putting MDVD.exe on each disk help? .. but then how does it know to use both cd-roms? (is there a command line for changing these defaults run options) i.e.

Open=MDVDP.EXE /AutoPlayCD /'Use both cd roms..'

..but then what happens when I change drive letters..

Besides.. my autoplay is disabled. (Is that anything to do with it?)

So here are the symptoms..

I put cd2 in i:, then cd1 in h: and open the hd installed MDVD which already has options set for 2cd!!. Then run the first MDVD.ini file and we're off.

Menu starts, I start the movie..

I then change langauge to english, default is mandarin, and move to chapter 8, all is well, chapter 8 is still on cd1, then as soon as I skip to a chapter on cd2 i get this..

Unable to load audio file
file not found

followed by..

Unable to load movie AVI file
aborting movie

I'm clueless...

Switching to a chapter on cd2 in mandarin language is fine, as is using my subtitles at any point but this audio file is baffling me.

I've had fun doing this menu but it has taken me a year+ and is taking up 11gig of hd! I really want it burned! Would appreciate any thoughts,



Should the 'CD2 Frames=92686' line actually give a cumulative reference?????

[Micro DVD Ini File]

Title=Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon [DivX]

AVIName=Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon [DivX] (1of2).avi
AVI2Name=Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon [DivX] (2of2).avi


Primary=Man Mandarin
1=Eng English

1=Eng English

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Old 28 Apr 2003, 12:55 PM   #4
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you do not need to put empty folders on the 2nd and 3rd dvd. But you do need to put the entire subtitle and secondary audio tracks on there. As long as you label each disc as 1 or 2 or 3 the and set the frames for each the player will know where to start where it left off.
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Old 28 Apr 2003, 12:59 PM   #5
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Also, do not put the autorun files on the 2nd disc. just your movie file, the MDVD file, and all subs and audio files in full.
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