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Old 22 Jan 2008, 07:30 AM   #1
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Default Movie stops playing at ten minutes when converted with ConvertXtodvd

To start from the beginning.I use convertXtoDvd to write a divX movie in a DvD in order I to be able to watch it on my living room on my Dvd Player.The conversion is being completed successfully however when I watch the movie when it reaches the tenth minute it stops and closes.And this has happened for 4 several times not only once.I am not able to watch a movie as a human being!
If anyone knows what the reason might be I would be thankful!
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Old 22 Jan 2008, 08:17 AM   #2
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It's safer to always save the conversion to the hard drive and then make sure everything went OK and you are satisfied? Then burn manually. As I read your post the burn is what is screwing up?
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Old 22 Jan 2008, 10:07 AM   #3
Lord of Digital Video
Lord of Digital Video
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I use ConvertX2DVD the majority of the time to do the converting and to put in the chapter stops (every 5 minutes)


I do not use it to burn. I load the folder that CxD creates into ImgBurn (in build mode) and let ImgBurn burn it. This way I get a burning log.

What I suspect is that the PxHelp driver is conflicting with another burning program. It use to conflict with Nero.
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Old 24 Jan 2008, 02:40 PM   #4
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I solved the problem by installing a newer version of ConvertXtoDvd and by writing in a lower speed.Everything is fine now.Thanks a lot for your help!
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Old 24 Jan 2008, 02:44 PM   #5
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King of Digital Video
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they are faster then DVD flick but the pictures are not as shap and clear, you may try dvd flick ( free ) and see what I mean
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Old 2 Feb 2010, 08:53 PM   #6
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Now that ConvertXtoDVD has multi-pass encoding with a really nice Lanczos filter, you may want to revisit the quality comparisons to DVDFlick. I've used DVDFlick and it's pretty cool, it does a better job of filling up a disc as to data size, but it will not handle nearly as many file types compared to CX2D, and struggles with even overcoming AVI offsets and the like.
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Old 3 Feb 2010, 04:43 PM   #7
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I just downloaded the latest DVD Flick( build 738) and encoded a 4.5 gig 720p MKV file with encoding set to 'best'.

Then I took the latest(or damn close) ConvertXtoDVD( and encoded the very same MKV on multi-pass with the Lanczos filter.

DVD Flick dropped the integrated subs, they were not encoded, it dropped the other audio tracks and only kept the English one. It created an ISO that was just around 4.6 gigs on a target DVD-R of 4.7 gigs. It filled the disc up no doubt.

ConvertXtoDVD encoded both the subtitles and the extra audio tracks no sweat. It excels at dealing with the details of many file formats. It created an ISO that was 2.3 gigs in size for a target of 4.7 gigs.

I have played both of them in VLC on the same 1 minute scene over and over looking for a difference in quality. As well as moving around the movie and checking at random.

Without the menu differences as I switched between the two files, I could not have told you which was which based on image quality with a gun to my head.

I then checked a 'busier' action scene and I think there was a clearer image of faces on the ConvertXtoDVD file, but only slightly better. Seems counterintuitive that a smaller ISO file would have the same, if not slightly better image, but that's what my eyes are seeing.

Between the two I prefer the one than can handle the subs and the audio tracks correctly, and did the encode in less time even on multi-pass.

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Old 5 Feb 2010, 07:46 PM   #8
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Junior Member
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I'm not sure if anyone if even reading this... but I've been playing around with this 'comparison' stuff some more.

So I've been reading some stuff by a ConvertXtoDVD 'guru' on the VSO forums about settings and re-encoded the same 4.5 gig MKV file with adjusted settings in CX2D, same multi-pass with Lanczos filter but on an encoding setting(set it to SP since this movie is ~90 minutes in length) that will produce a larger output file. This time it produced a 4.5 gig ISO(compared to 2.3 last time) with the same 4.7 gig DVD size as a target.

I compared it again on 3 different 1 minutes scenes with the DVDFlick file, as well as various random scenes on both.

ConvertXtoDVD is simply a better picture quality when properly configured. But... it's still not a huge difference, I really had to study lines, details, background clarity, etc, to notice it. By no means was it better than DVDFlick in some 'night & day' way. But it produced superior output.

Considering the clunkiness of DVDFlicks's file format handling and the handling of the details of such, and it still took longer to encode the file than CX2D with either setting anyway, I still choose CX2D.

It's simply a superior program as of now.

However I love the open source projects like DVDFlick. It's a pretty cool for a free program no doubt. I hope it continues to become more refined and better with more file types over time. Right now it still struggles greatly with even basic things like audio and video sync on many files types, including AVI's, VOB's, and etc. The forums aren't all that helpful either, not when compared to the VSO forums particularly.

Remember ConvertXtoDVD was also free at one time, the program really took off as to development when they started charging a comparatively small fee for it. You can also give input to the developers on the VSO forum, and get feedback, and ask for features, many of which were included in the new 4.0 release.
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