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Default VFW vs WDM interface incompatability

ok - i have been investigating this lately, apparently the two interfaces for video capture WDM (newer DirectX integrated API) and the older VFW (since win95) are incompatable, capture a file in one interface and as a result you cannot convert the file to even work on the other...

THE PROBLEM - WDM - is supported by the gf4 range of cards eg: my gf4 ti4400 uses myVIVO , in cnjunction with a WDM driver set. However when i capture an mpeg2 file it cannot even be opened by any of the programs i use (XMPEG,TMPGenc - which is a bought program, VirtualDub and all of my edia player programs, eg:Winamp3, SASAMI2K,windows media player etc...

this leaves users wishing to archive their favourite tv content via capture card (using say DIVX of some kind) totally up s**t creek..
my efforts to find a VFW driver for my video card OR find some sort of simple WDM-VFW conversion program have been in vain...

from this thread:
khp says :
"All I know is that virtualdub and the divx5 codec only support VFW. As for finding drivers for your card that might be a bit of a problem. As far as I can tell the leadtek site only offer WDM drivers for the myVIVO card."

ok - so the resultant problem arises - all those people who bought WDM hardware have lttle or NO functionality with which to use them, they cant play their captured files or convert them...

*please provide me with info on obtaining a VFW driver for my graphics card OR some sort of conversion.interface program..

*moreover, if you have experienced this problem yourself , please post your experiences here, i have not given up yet and i have basically found that MPEG1 capture is fine however the problem only seems to occur with MPEG2...

#any help will be GREATLY appreciated
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