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Question AVI to SVCD

Hi again

I must have help. I have tried to convert my avi files both divx and xvid to svcd. I use tmpgenc plus latest version. My pboblem are following. After converting avi to svcd and burn the svcd on a cdr and watch in my dvd player teh movie are to slow. I mean that the people in the movie moves to slow. I have tested many settings and read on internet i have also set priority on en the direct show in tmpg to highest priority.

I have tested some others program like winavi converter and cucusoft but the picture get worse why?? The picture with tmpgenc are really good but to slow.

Best regards
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There are 2 good guides regarding AVI conversion in the stickies in Authoring & Editing. They are focussed on output to DVD but SVCD should be the same principle.


Essential progs - [PgcEdit] [VobBlanker] [MenuShrink] [IfoEdit] [Muxman] [DVD Remake Pro] [DVD Rebuilder] [BeSweet] [Media Player Classic] [DVDSubEdit] [ImgBurn]

Media and Burning - [Golden Rules of Burning] [Media quality] [Fix your DMA] [Update your Firmware] [What's my Media ID Code?] [How to test your disc]
[What's bitsetting?] [Burn dual layer disks safely] [Why not to burn with Ner0] [Interpret Ner0's burn errors] [Got bad playback?] [Burner/Media compatibility]

Cool Techniques - [2COOL's guides] [Clean your DVD] [Join a flipper] [Split into 2 DVDs] [Save heaps of Mb] [How to mock strip] [Cool Insert Clips]

Real useful info - [FAQ INDEX] [Compression explained] [Logical Remapping of Enabled Streams] [DVD-Replica] [Fantastic info on DVDs]

You should only use genuine Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media. Many thanks to for their supply and great service.

Explore the sites and the programs - there's a gold mine of information in them

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Well actually it depends a lot on the original AVI file. 4 things matter most,

1. Width & height of video
2. bitrate of video
3. frame rate
4. size of AVI.

The width & height of SVCD/VCD will take up about 480x576 / 352x288, thus if your AVI is smaller than the above sizes, then stretching of the video happens, this will result in the blurry, boxy image.

Bitrate is the average number of bits that one second of video/audio data will take. Having more will make it more precise and accurate. If the bitrate is too small for the AVI to SVCD conversion, the above problem happens.

Frame rate will not affect much on picture quality but may cause audio / video sync problems after conversion.

Size of video is more or less tied to bitrate. IF your AVI is small in size, more or less you can tell that the bitrate is set to a small number.

Choppu/Jumpy Conversions is sometimes due to the fact that your AVI is damaged/missing chunks of data. This there is nothing much you can do about it.

Gspot can be downloaded to check your AVI file parameters while DIVXfix can be used to check if your AVI is damaged.
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Thank you guys glad to see your reply so promptly
i wanna burn my avi to a vcd which i can use the vcd player to watch instead of tat possible?? i try nero 4 n burn it into a vcd..the encoding ting finished.wat does tat mean??? help
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You can use imtoo mpeg encoder to convert your files to VCD formats. Then you can use your nero to burn them for your VCD.
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cathypearlgreen, it sounds like you may have encoded your avi using the wrong template in tmpgenc plus. does the file play ok on the pc? what is the framerate of your file? what template did you use?
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dvd2svcd will let you convert avi to svcd/dvd just fine using hq encoders like tmpeg, cce or hc enc
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