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Question Converting the file many times-worse quality??

HI Everyone!!
I have a little question....
I ripped DVD and make it a Divx file (avi)
than i converted this avi file to mpg file
doest it make any difference in quality?? sholud I convert it to mpg at the begining or it doesn`t make any difference??
because now, this mpg file isn`t very good quality it isn`t sharp etc
Please help me
Thanks in Advance
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"I ripped DVD and make it a Divx file (avi)
than i converted this avi file to mpg file
doest it make any difference in quality?"

That depends on what procedures and what settings you use in each step of the procedures. Although other posters make suggest different procedures (including direct conversion from DVD to MPEG1-VideoCD), this is what I do:

From Ripping through VCD (by me)

1) Rip DVD with DVDDecrypter

2) Convert to .AVI using Flask v.0.594PX3 (improved conversion time versus "plain vanilla" 0.594 - and less prone to lockup)
A) Using DivX v.3.11 codec (Fast Motion 910kbps, keyframe every 10 seconds)
B) Using PCM (uncompressed) audio at 48,000Khz (Maintains synchronization of audio and video)

3) Load .AVI into VirtualDub
A) Set "Video" to "Direct Stream Copying"
B) Set "Audio" to "Full Processing Mode"
C) Under "Audio", click on "Conversion", select "44,100Khz"
D) Under "Audio", click on "Compression" select "MP3", "44,100Khz", "96Kbps"
E) Save revised .AVI with new filename

Then, to create a VCD:

1) Load .AVI file into TMPGEnc
2) Set to "System Video and Audio" (lower right side)
3) Click on "Setting" radio button
4) Click on "System" tab, change mode to "MPEG1-VideoCD" (from default of "MPEG1")
5) Click on "Advanced" tab, change "Video arrange method" to "Center (Custom Size"), change dimensions to 352x288 or 352x240
6) Change "Source aspect ratio" to either "4:3 525 line (NTSC 704x480)", "4:3 525 line (NTSC)", or "16:9 525 line (NTSC)" - If you're in the PAL world choose either of the two similar PAL settings instead
7) Under the "Video" tab, change the dimensions to 352x288 or 352x240 (Note: "Video" tab mode of "MPEG1" is okay) - for highest quality set "Motion Search Precision" to "Highest Quality". Change the "Aspect Ratio" to match, as closely as possible, the "Source Aspect Ratio" you set under the "Advanced" tab.
8) Change "Rate Control Mode" to "Automatic VBR (CQ_VBR)
9) Under the "Audio" tab, set to 44,100 224Kbps
10) Press "Start"

Note that if your video runs longer than 60 minutes, you'll have to subsequently split your VCD-MPG file in two. This too can be easily and precisely accomplished using TMPGEnc. Under the "Files" dropdown menu, click on "MPEG Tools" and select the "Merge & Cut" tab. Once again, make sure to change the mode to "MPEG1-Video CD". Load your file and enter a new (.MPG) name in the "Output file" box. Then doubleclick on the ORIGINAL file's name in the window, which will bring you to the cutting area. Select your desired start and end points for the first half, click on "Okay" which will bring you back to the first window and generate (in a sequence of three automated steps) the first new file. To create the second new file, repeat the steps starting with "Then doubleclick on the ORIGINAL..." (be extra patient with the second half, as the program has to do more seeking to establish the beginning of the new file).
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